An ideal home

On Saturday  I went to the Ideal Home Show. It’s not the kind of thing I’d normally attend but (a) I agreed to go with my sister and (b) the tickets were free, acquired through a promotion in the local paper. It was actually pretty good, lots of things to look at and also buy – however we didn’t get a lot as much of the nice stuff was still a bit pricey.

Among the things they had on show was this sort of pre-fab home called the hivehaus. We were able to go and have a look around it and it seemed quite nice and cosy. I’d quite like to live in one to be honest.

I do have photos of it but I can’t seem to upload them at the moment.


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My favourite songs of 2011

I’m not one for doing all these “review of the year” type blog posts that normally show up in abundance, as often I’d normally prefer to look forward rather than back at stuff. However, I thought that I would use this post to share some of the music that I have enjoyed in 2011. Initially, I made it as a Spotify playlist like I did with the Christmas playlist I put in my last post, but then I decided to make a YouTube playlist, seeing as a few of the songs I wanted to put in it are not available on Spotify (and possibly never will be).  I was going to share the list at some point, so how about here? And with some notes on here about how and why I chose them?  Sounds like a good idea to me.

The playlist I created can be found here:

DISCLAIMER: One or two of the songs I have chosen may not have actually been first released in 2011. It was just that this year was when I got into them and the artist who made them. I have also in some cases included more than one track from an artist. I don’t see it as a problem although I know sometimes people try to restrict lists like these to one track per artist. I’ve tried to create a mix that doesn’t have one or two artists  dominating it even so. Oh and they’re also not in any particular order.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Matt Cardle – Letters:  As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I have never been one to be interested in an X Factor contestant, winner or otherwise, enough to actually buy their music, but  Matt’s debut album, (of which this is the title track), is a pretty decent one.  I’ve chosen a live performance for the playlist as I think that while the recorded version is very good, the live versions that I’ve heard are fantastic, especially the one I’ve picked for this.

2. Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks: Their album “Torches” was the soundtrack to most of my summer. This song in particular was on repeat on my iPod a lot long after summer had ended.

3. Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out: What can I say, I love Florence and this is brilliant.

4.  Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall: I confess, I didn’t like this at first (I speak as someone who has loved Coldplay from the moment they first heard Shiver). But gradually, it grew on me. Now, this is one song from the new album I am really looking forward to hearing live (I’m seeing them on the 9th June. Long way off, I know)

5. Adele – Rolling In The Deep: I’m not the biggest fan of Adele in the world but I can’t deny that she is an outstanding talent. This song is my favourite of hers.

6. The Special Ks – Get Down: First found out about this band on twitter. Checked out their music on YouTube, instantly fell in love with it. Their mini album “BOA” is well worth a download.

7. Clare Maguire – The Shield And The Sword: Not usually my kind of music but this is a great song. And Clare has an amazing voice. Her other song “The Last Dance” is also brilliant (it is only now I realise I should have added that one too).

8. Metronomy – The Bay : Another song that I heard a lot during the summer. I’ve been meaning to get their album “The English Riviera” for a while. I will get round to it at some point. An excellent track, and I love the video to it.

9. Lana Del Rey – Video Games : When I first heard this,  I thought it sounded like something that belonged on the soundtrack of an arty 60s American film. Then I realised it couldn’t be seeing as the song title referenced a relatively recent invention (ok, a 30+ year old invention, but still).

10.  Ed Sheeran – The A Team : Beautiful, end of.

11. The Feeling feat. Roisin Murphy  – Dance For The Lights : For me, one of the highlights of their album “Together We Were Made”.  No proper video for this, so picked one of those “lyric videos” that get made with Windows Movie Maker or similar software for the list.

12. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – AKA…What A Life! – Was never a massive fan of Oasis (got bored with them after their first two albums), but love Noel’s solo material. This is a tune.

13. The Wombats  – Anti – D : The best (if only) song I’ve heard that mentions citalopram.

14. Birdy – Skinny Love: Yes I know that it is a cover of a Bon Iver track, and I did know the original before I heard this. But this version is beautiful.

15. The Hoosiers – Squeeze: My favourite out of the bonus tracks from the trio’s “Bumpy Ride” album (which was a revamped version of their second album “The Illusion Of Safety”).

16. BOXES – Silent Alarm: The side project of Athlete bassist Carey Willets, this is a great piece of indie electro-pop.  WARNING: The video to the track has “Parental Advisory” in its description for a reason, so you may not want to view it if you have youngsters around or if you happen to be sensitive to the visual content. If the themes of the video don’t bother you, or you even like it, the uncut version is on Vimeo (link on its Youtube page).

17. Kaiser Chiefs – Little Shocks: For me, one of the comeback singles of the year. Pretty different from their previous material, but better for it.

18. Matt Cardle – Starlight : A catchy little number about the end of the world. Again, I’ve chosen a live performance of the song for the playlist.

19. Foster The People – Call It What You Want: Another highlight of their album. And like the previously mentioned “Pumped Up Kicks”, will stick in your head for days and have you shuffling in your seat (the type of shuffling you do when it’s not appropriate, or you’re too awkward to get up and dance).

20. Rizzle Kicks – Down With The Trumpets : Again, not the sort of music that I normally listen to but who cares? It is a great song. There is something rather charming about this duo too.

21. Josh Doyle – I Figured The World Out: At the start of the 21st Century, Josh was the lead singer of British pop punk trio The Dum Dums. Nowadays, he is a singer-songwriter living in America. If  you like this (and want to support an independent artist ), then you can find more on his website and Youtube channel. His EPs are also well worth downloading.

22. Coldplay – Paradise : At the time of writing, my favourite song from Mylo Xyloto.

23.  The Hoosiers  – Bumpy Ride: Deserves its place on the playlist for the Hangover- esque video alone. But I would still include it even if the video wasn’t so awesome.

24. Little Comets – Waiting In The Shadows In The Dead Of Night: I first got into Little Comets after hearing them on a playlist someone had made on Spotify. I suppose they are a bit like an English Vampire Weekend, with a lot of Northern grit. This track is from the recently released “Worry” EP, which I highly recommend.

25. Ivyrise – Line Up The Stars: I have been a fan of this band ever since I first came across them on MySpace a few years back (they were one of the first bands I became friends with on there, in fact). An awesome song.

26. Adam Parker – Smart Man: An artist that I invested in on the My Major Company website – the label that incidentally, Ivyrise are also part of. I invested in him after hearing this song. Hopefully, he will be successful in raising the £100,000 needed to fund his album like his labelmates were, as his music deserves to be heard by more people.

27.  Darwin Deez – Up In The Clouds: I heard and liked this song before it got used in an advert for New Look. I still love it.

28.  Little Comets – Isles: The song that first got me into this band. A commentary on modern Britain, the lyrics to this seemed to resonate more during this year’s riots. And the video to the song fitted it perfectly, as you will see.

29.  Elbow – Lippy Kids: Watching Elbow’s Glastonbury set on TV was one of my favourite moments this year. Indeed, watching it made me wish that I was there. The video on the playlist is not from the Glastonbury set  but it is still a brilliant performance.

30. Snow Patrol – Called Out In The Dark: Again, another awesome comeback song.

So there you have it. I know there are probably far more songs that I could include here, but 30 is enough. I’m surprised that I managed to write something for each of them (I am writing these quite late in the evening, so apologies if they look a bit rambling or like I can’t be arsed to write much/edit what I have written).


The Blog Paper

In a moment of boredom, I have signed up to The Blog Paper. Yes I know it’s another account where I can post my attempts at writing things, but I’ve been looking it up for a while and it seems like a really good website.  You can upload your blog posts to it and people can read, rate and discuss your contributions. And if your article is rated particularly highly,  you could be selected to be published in print.

I’ve only uploaded one article so far (ie my last blog) and I don’t expect it to be rated much, but it’s a start.  If you want to know my profile address etc, I’ll post the link when I have a bit more on there.  In the meantime if you’re interested in what the Blog Paper is all about,  then click here.


There is a competition at the moment where you can remix Keane’s current track Stop For A Minute on the site MusicMyne.  The most popular one as of  May 17th 2010 will win a signed copy of the band’s new EP Night Train and a Night Train T-shirt.

I myself have done a remix of it, partly because it seemed like fun and partly because I would very much like to win what they are offering. It’s on my Tumblr page if you want to have a listen to it (I am trying to put it up on here as well, but it’s not letting me at the time of typing).  If you like it, please tick the little “thumbs up” icon.  If you fancy having a go yourself, click here.

EDIT : I have the actual link to my remix here. The audio did tend to skip a bit when I was listening to it via this, but maybe it’s just exclusive to me. Anyway, you can hear it here too.

RE – EDIT:  I made another one. It is also on my Tumblr now.

Not normal, but Xtranormal.

I have recently got into a website called Xtranormal, after seeing it being raved about in an internet magazine.  Xtranormal is a site which lets you create your own little films and share them with your friends and indeed the world at large – and you don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to use it. Simply choose your characters, your set, your music and your camera angles and then write your own script.  It’s very addictive –  and a damn sight more fun than Twitter.

EDIT: Since I posted this blog I have joined the ever-growing phenomenon that is Twitter. I still maintain that xtranormal is more fun,  although Twitter is pretty amusing too.

The ones I’ve made so far are not exactly BAFTA contenders, but they have been a fun way to waste a bit of time.  Below is one of my own efforts, starring one of xtranormal’s more popular characters, the Ninja (WARNING: it is a bit crap).

And here is a far superior film with the ninja by someone else:

If you fancy having a go yourself, go to