Look on the right…

I now have the WordPress Twitter widget on my page. Now you can see just how addicted I am to the micro blogging phenomenon. Follow me if you wish. Or just comment on here how great/random/interesting/boring/inane/weird/other my tweets are!


Not normal, but Xtranormal.

I have recently got into a website called Xtranormal, after seeing it being raved about in an internet magazine.  Xtranormal is a site which lets you create your own little films and share them with your friends and indeed the world at large – and you don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to use it. Simply choose your characters, your set, your music and your camera angles and then write your own script.  It’s very addictive –  and a damn sight more fun than Twitter.

EDIT: Since I posted this blog I have joined the ever-growing phenomenon that is Twitter. I still maintain that xtranormal is more fun,  although Twitter is pretty amusing too.

The ones I’ve made so far are not exactly BAFTA contenders, but they have been a fun way to waste a bit of time.  Below is one of my own efforts, starring one of xtranormal’s more popular characters, the Ninja (WARNING: it is a bit crap).

And here is a far superior film with the ninja by someone else:

If you fancy having a go yourself, go to www.xtranormal.com