I seem to spend the bulk of every weekend at the moment doing very little. And yet I really, really want to do something. I try to write something. I can never think of something decent to write about. I think about going out and maybe trying to take photos of something. I can’t be […]

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Ten Song Sunday

When I first got Spotify, I was mad on making playlists. In fact, that was and still is, the best thing about it. I always like to share what I’m listening to, usually by posting a tweet of a link to a current favourite with a #nowplaying hashtag attached. I used to post a few […]

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Brain Dump

Every now and again I write a blog post that doesn’t really have a subject, but is just a post where I offload all the things that have been on my mind over time. I usually do this when I’ve not blogged for a bit due to life getting in the way, or when I […]

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