I feel like I should be in bed all the time. I’d be happier if I was. I swear we would all be happier, healthier and less likely to be dicks to each other if hibernation was a thing that humans did. I mean, look at Donald Trump (or The Fart, as he is known […]

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This is how I am feeling at the moment. Not rubbish, not good, just…meh. It probably isn’t healthy all the same.

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A new plan

Learn to drive. Pass my test as soon as I can. Hire or buy a camper van. Pack my job in. Go off on a trip around the country. Document the whole experience.   One of these days, I will do this. Or at least half of it. Really.

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Resigned to it.

Nearly every day when I’m at work, I end up writing my resignation letter in my head. This usually happens when I’ve had to deal with a particularly annoying client, or when my manager’s having a strop and decides to take her stress out on someone (usually me). One day I’ll end up writing the […]

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