A little tech help here please, people

I haven’t been able to access my home wifi on any of my devices over the last few days. It had been going fine and then all of a sudden my iPhone and Nintendo 3DS stopped being able to detect it. I’ve since also found out that my netbook, which I often connect to via Ethernet cable, cannot detect the network either when I try to use wifi on it (I did flick the wifi switch on it just so you know). I hadn’t messed around with any settings prior to it happening.

I have tried pretty much everything I can think of. I have googled for loads of info on how to solve the problem. I reset the network settings on my iPhone, I reset my router a couple of times and changed the password, to no avail. One thing I do notice is that when I login to check the status of my modem router it says that wireless is disabled, even though I had made sure it was enabled when I entered the settings again. If it helps, I have a TP-Link TD-W8968 modem router.

I have also wondered whether the position of the router was affecting the wifi signal and causing it to drop, but it has been in the same place for ages. The previous ones I had were in the same place and I had no trouble with them – well not until they broke. I have even thought of updating the firmware but I have heard that doing that can be pretty risky. I am pretty good with technology but I am still a bit fearful of messing around with things too much in case I screw them up altogether.

I don’t really know what else I can try, so does anyone have any other suggestions? You will have my eternal gratitude if you have. Especially if it works.


I have signed up to glipho. As well as following my blog on here, you can also find some of these posts – and a few others – over there.

You can find me at www.glipho.com/lynseyspence . While you’re there, you might want to sign up yourself, in which case, please give me a follow. I’ll follow you back, of course. 

And if you want to know what on Earth glipho is, click here

The Nintendo Download Rip-Off.

I love my Nintendo 3DS. I particularly love the fact that you can download games onto it via the Nintendo e-shop, as they have made a lot of old school NES and Game Boy titles available to download. Thus I have ended up buying the titles that I missed out on when I had both these consoles back in the day, as well as one I did have (I had to get the original Super Mario Bros again).

Recently Nintendo have started to make new titles available to download, which I thought was a pretty good idea. It made sense to me that they should do this, why should it just be the oldies that are available to play within a matter of clicks? I expected that they probably would be around the same price as the physical version, if not just slightly cheaper than the physical. I mean, the digital one doesn’t have any packaging around it, right?

Today I was looking at some 3DS games online. I am interested in getting the new Luigi’s Mansion game, so I was looking at Amazon et all and comparing the prices. They were all just over £30. Around the price you might expect for a new Nintendo 3DS title. Not bad, I thought, but could I get it cheaper?

It was then I decided to switch on the 3DS and had a look for it on Nintendo e-shop. I found Luigi’s Mansion 2 was available. It was £40 to download.

Forty bloody pounds.

I couldn’t believe it. Sure I expected it to be around the same price as the physical, but nearly ten pounds dearer? How can Nintendo justify making a digital version more expensive than the standard? Especially when it is exactly the same version of the game, just delivered in a different format. For a few quid more, I expect some bonus levels and power-ups, like a deluxe edition of an album gives you extra tracks for a bit more money. If you’re just going to give the same old, then sorry Nintendo, but I’ll be sticking to the good old fashioned cartridges. Hey, you’ll still be getting my money whatever. And I’ll still be purchasing retro games via the game shop, which are quite reasonably priced. However I am still waiting for you to make Duck Hunt available. That old NES classic deserves to be revived surely?


My domain

I will absolutely buy anything off the internet at the moment. Today, I bought a domain name for this blog.

I didn’t really set out to get one, however I have been interested in seeing if I could get one on and off for a bit, so as to make this site a bit more professional, like (well as professional as I can make it). Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if lynsblogson.co.uk was available, and funnily enough, it was. So I bought it. Only for 12 months though.  I’ll extend it if I am still running this thing when the time on it is up.

The only thing now is working out how I actually use it on here. Is it better/easier for me to transfer the name onto here or is it easier for me to transfer the whole blog over to where I bought the domain name from and have them host it? I love using wordpress and wouldn’t want to export it to another host thinking I’d lose everything I like about using this. I have read up on stuff online but all it does is confuse me.

Maybe I should have looked further before doing it, but then it might well have been gone. Well it most likely may not have, but you know…

iPhone, therefore I am(?)

I now have an iPhone. I have had it for just over a week now, and I’m going to be honest, I like it. Really like it.

I decided to get one when I realised the contract on my Blackberry Curve was up. Now I loved my BB (I still can’t entirely part with it – it was a purple one after all), and had got a lot of use out of it over the last two years of having it, but it was starting to get a bit shaky. Its battery life was fading faster and it started to freeze quite a bit. After much looking around, checking out different phones and tariffs, I settled on an iPhone 4S. I could have gone for a 5 if it wasn’t for the fact that the tariffs for it are extortionate. Granted the ones for the 4S aren’t cheap either, but I managed to get a reasonable deal on a 2 year contract. Plus I had been considering on getting a tablet long before I considered a new phone (either a Nexus 7 or an iPad Mini), and I decided that if I did get an iPhone or any other similar smartphone then I wouldn’t get one of those for the time being.

I had held off getting an iPhone for a long time beforehand. Main reason was that I already had an iPod Touch (you know the iPhone that doesn’t have a phone), and I didn’t want to mix the two up. As it is, I don’t think I will get the two confused too often, as there are slight differences between the iPhone and my 2nd generation Touch, especially in the way that they feel in my hand when I pick either of them up (plus the cover I have on my iPhone will prevent me from mixing the two up). The fact that I’m used to the touchscreen on the iPod touch means that I have probably found the iPhone a lot easier to use than I might have done if I didn’t have one. Touchscreens are by no means difficult to use, but they can take a bit of getting used to if you’re new to them. My sister for example, kept cutting herself off accidentally when on a call after getting another make of smartphone that has one. I haven’t done that yet, but I’m always aware that even the slightest touch can have it doing something you don’t want it to do, like take a photo of your brightly socked feet (at least I found out that the camera on it was pretty good). Oh and Siri does provide much amusement as well as information. This might well be the only iPhone I ever get though. I already think that I have too many Apple products in the house. I’m not anti-Apple, I’m just trying hard to not get too attached to their products, what with the price of them and everything.

Oh and in playing around with said phone I ended up signing up to Instagram, to see what it was like. My username is lynstagram2, if anyone is interested (I thought I was being really clever calling it lynstagram until it told me somebody else had the name, so I had to put a random number in it).

I also installed the wordpress app, obvs.

How to survive the wikipedia blackout

It’s simple really. Go down to the library. There you’ll find shelves full of books on various subjects that should be suitable for whatever you’re researching. Indeed, they are probably more useful to you and accurate than some of the articles on wikipedia or the internet in general.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the reasons why wikipedia are staging their blackout and I do respect them for making a stand, just as I support any other site that is doing this. However, anyone who thinks that the site is 100% a reliable and credible resource to use for their homework is a bit of a fool really.

Hello this is a test.

This blog post comes courtesy of my new blackberry. I got it as an early birthday present to myself. I noticed that there was a wordpress app available for it so I thought I would try it out. Thus I apologise for any spelling mistakes on this post (I am still getting used to how this thing works).

There will be a proper blog post coming up this weekend by the way. As you were.

Actually would anyone mind commenting on this so that I know it’s on my blog please? Ta.

Becoming a Wikinutter.

So a few days ago, I decided to sign up to a site called Wikinut.  Wikinut is a website that you can submit articles on any subject  to and get paid for it.  It had got a four star review in Web User magazine and as someone who loves writing and has long wanted to make a career out of it, I joined it. I even had an idea of what I would write about for my first couple of articles.

A few days later, I still haven’t submitted those articles.

After an initial good start planning out my articles and what I was going to mention in them, I found the actual writing of the articles themselves a bit of a problem.  I could blame the fact that I kept getting distracted by numerous things (youtube, twitter, people around me, etc), but really I know I should blame myself for being so easily distracted. Not since the days I was at university have I really thrown myself into writing stuff (I know my blogs look like I’ve taken my time with them but believe me, they don’t take a great deal of effort).  I have tried a few times to get back into it since then, but lack of time due to one thing or another has prevented me for carrying on with the stuff I started. There’s quite a few notebooks in my bedroom filled with story ideas that have never fully materialised.

I’m hoping that it’s just a little bit of writers’ block that is hampering my latest efforts, but after getting half a paragraph down I fear I will end up ripping it up and starting again with another subject.  I probably won’t make a lot of money from it, but it’ll be good experience for me, I suppose.

“Oh my God, what have I done?”

Those were the first words I ever tweeted on Twitter. Yes I am sad enough to remember what they were.

It was on this day last year (the day being 6th February and the year 2009) that I signed up to the micro blogging phenomenon, after initially resisting the urge to tell the world what I’m doing in less than 140 characters. During that time I’ve tweeted about everything from my life to TV shows to news stories and just about anything that comes in my head. I’ve also got to know a lot of very nice people on there and had plenty of good chats with them. I’ve even had the occasional reply from the more well known people I follow.

Of course, I’ve also seen the not so good side of twitter – the trolls who abuse other users (especially the famous ones), the spambots (in particular  the infamous “Britney F****d”), the far right extremists and the generally all round horrible who get off on making nasty comments. Oh and I almost forgot the people who follow you and then unfollow you the second you follow them back (mean people). Still, the good things far outweigh the bad, and 12 months on I am still into regularly answering the question “what are you doing?” (or “what’s happening?” as they have recently changed it to).  Whether I can keep it going for another 12 months remains to be seen, but for now I’m still interested.

And I love it a lot more than Facebook!

Testing testing…

I am writing this blog post on Windows Live Writer. I downloaded it after reading about it in Web User magazine. I never did before, as (a) I thought you could only use it with MSN blogs (I did have a blog on MSN many moons ago) and (b) I thought I’d have to download other programmes as well as this (I didn’t want windows live mail or messenger and I’d heard that the photo programme was a bit cack).

Once I was confident that it was compatible with wordpress and I didn’t have to get the full software package, I got it on my PC. And I’m liking it so far. The fact that it automatically downloads the theme of your blog when you first set the software up is a good thing, as well as being able to post your entries directly to your blog from it. Hopefully you will be able to see this blog post after all I’ve said!