30 Blogs Of November: Day 30

It’s the end of November. How did that happen? Only seems like yesterday I began this, but now it’s the end. I haven’t managed to blog everyday, but it’s been close enough.

I could write here how I hoped that some of the posts could have been better but just getting the energy to write them was enough. I still feel like I’ve been able to handle this a lot better than if I had done NaNoWriMo (not knocking NaNoWriMo and never will, just don’t feel that it will ever suit me after my experience doing it). I think if I do this again I’ll plan some of them in advance, only a few of them mind.

And so I will sign off here while bemoaning the fact that Kelloggs are axing Ricicles. Why they do that and continue to produce Special K I’ll never know. Almost feel like staging a protest at the factory, it’s not too far away from me.


30 Blogs of November Day 24

After I posted last night’s blog I realised that I should have done two separate entries rather than one. I’ll have to do a double post towards the end of the month.

Today once again I feel exhausted. I’ve had a lot to do this week, both in job and out of it. I think I’m on top of things, but I still feel like I’m about to collapse into a heap.

EDIT: Somehow I ended up republishing this on the 29th as my wordpress app said it was still a draft for some reason even though I was sure it was up on here.

30 Blogs Of November: Day 29.

Searching random things on the internet when you’re bored and have nothing to do is the worst. Think about it, depending on what you look for, it makes you feel bad, makes you angry, makes you spend money on things that you don’t need and will regret wasting later.

Sure there are some good things that you will find during a spontaneous google session but it’s only the potentially negative things that you will be drawn to because you’re feeling down in the first place or in the mood to have a rant. Spending money on something only makes you believe you’re cheering yourself up. Days later you’ll find that that thing you saw on amazon you bought on impulse wasn’t as great as you thought it was.

Blogging about it only makes me feel a tiny bit better.

30 Blogs of November Day 22 and 23

Apologies for not posting yesterday. This was down to me doing stuff in the afternoon and not getting back until later in the evening and too late to post anything. Not that I had much to say really, apart from getting further caught up in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and doing some grown up things.

Oh and this little chap came today as well all the way from Finland.


30 Blogs of November Day 21

I did have an idea for today’s entry, then I downloaded Animal Crossing Pocket Camp onto my iPhone. Yes it’s the Animal Crossing finally getting a smartphone version. I honestly think I am going to waste a few important hours of my life on this game. Kind of like when I played Animal Crossing New Leaf for the first time. I like that there are a few familiar faces in the game, like Isabelle (who is adorable as ever) and Rosie, who was always one of my favourites when she lived in my AC town. Now all I need is for Sheldon the jock squirrel to turn up at some point because he was my all time favourite character. Yes I know I’m a bit sad but I don’t really care.

30 Blogs of November: Day 12

My bullet journal had been left in my rucksack ever since I came back from my Scarborough trip. That was in August. Today I got it out again. I’m still pretty rubbish at that whole thing. I don’t know how people have the time or the patience to really make an effort at them, but as long as I’ve got the basics down, it doesn’t matter how they look. Because you don’t create them simply to show them off on Instagram or whatever, do you?