NaBloPoMo Day 21: 2000 AD in 2014 AD

When I was a kid, whenever we visited my relatives in Blackpool my Uncle would always give us a bunch of  old magazines. Many of them were car magazines like Autocar and  Motor,  old editions of Readers’ Digest, which my Auntie and Uncle were loyal subscribers of for many years and also plenty of comics that my cousin loved. The latter pile of course, was the one that I was most interested in.

One thing I gathered from being given my cousin’s comics was that he was a massive fan of the Dandy. While I did enjoy reading the adventures of Desperate Dan, Korky the Cat, Smasher and co, even becoming a member of the Desperate Dan club, I was more of a Beano reader (yes I did have membership of the Dennis The Menace Fan Club too). But every now and again, among the pile, I would find a copy of 2000 AD. 

I was excited whenever I found a 2000 AD comic among it all. To my little eyes, it seemed like a grown ups’ comic, and my cousin is eight years older than me which to my four/five-year old self made them very close to being a grown up anyway. While I couldn’t entirely follow the story in every Judge Dredd strip (or the other stories within the comic for that matter), I liked them for the art. They were so artistic, like proper art (whatever proper art is).

I hadn’t seen a copy of 2000 AD for years. I almost thought that maybe it had gone out of circulation at the end of the millennium , or maybe they thought they had to change its name as the year 2000 is long past us now. However, this morning I found one in a parcel I received and I was excited once again. Just a shame it had got bent in transit (I like my comics and magazines flat as they are easier to hold and read. Stop thinking I am weird).