Start of the year blog

So here we are in 2013. Still looks a lot like 2012 at the moment. Sure the skies here are just as dull as they were yesterday, but that’s British weather for you. I hope that you are all OK today after the madness of last night, however you were spending it. I managed to get myself out of bed at 11am even though I could have spent longer in there. Not because of suffering the effects of “overindulgence”, far from it, but because, well, there’s sod all else to do on New Year’s Day really isn’t there? You don’t feel like going anywhere, there’s nothing on TV – well there’s Up on BBC1 this evening but not much else (Disney Pixar films have pretty much been the highlight of the Christmas and TV schedules this year).

The only other things to do besides recovering from the night before, is to put up the calendars, start filling in the diaries (well, the page for your personal details at least) and text, tweet and/or Facebook message every person you didn’t manage to last night before the networks and websites collapsed from the weight of everyone wishing each other a Happy New Year. Oh and ponder those New Year’s Resolutions, if you’ve actually made any. I’ve never really made a great effort with those to be honest. Sure there a re a few that I have made in the past – learn to drive (I’ll get round to that this year), finally stop biting my nails (that too), look for another job (do you see a pattern emerging here?), but it’s never been a big deal if I haven’t managed to keep them. The way I see it New Year’s Resolutions are made to be broken until you finally manage to stick with them, however long it takes, if that makes sense. I suppose the only one that I can make that I have any real chance of keeping, is to keep being a good person, but keep trying to be a better one. I know there’s a better chance of keeping that than any relating to starting a diet or going to the gym, which in my case is never, ever, going to happen.

Anyway, today we can all have a rest. Tomorrow is when we’ll start really grabbing the year by its nethers. Or maybe the day after.

Happy New Year.

End Of The Year Blog

And so another year ends. It only seems like yesterday 2012 started and now here we are on the 31st December (well, I am at the time of writing this. It’s probably already the 1st January when you’re reading this. Or later).

To be honest, I’ve always thought that New Year’s Eve was overrated. Even as a kid, I’d rather go to bed than take up my mum and dad’s offer of staying up until midnight. These days, I’ll end up staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning but more down to watching the celebrations unfold on TV than partying myself. Let’s face it, you’re either watching Jools Holland’s Hootenanny, laughing at how they are trying so hard to act like they’re broadcasting live on New Year’s Eve when it was actually recorded a month earlier, you’re getting sloshed in some pub or club that’s charging three times the normal amount for a pint, or you’re at a house party still getting sloshed (on booze that you got on special offer at Asda). Then there’s the way that the entire mobile phone network goes into meltdown the moment you text your family and friends Happy New Year as the clock strikes twelve.

At this point in time, there’s often the urge to look back on the year gone by. The media bombard us with reviews of the year, while a lot of us may take a moment to reflect on the last twelve months of our own lives.  Personally, I would prefer to look forward rather than back. Sure 2012 did have some good moments – the Olympics, the Paralympics, Manchester City winning the Premier League (sorry but I had to put that in somewhere), the Jubilee,  the world not ending (in your face, Mayans). My personal highlight was finally getting to see one of my favourite bands, Coldplay, in concert.  However, despite these good things, 2012 wasn’t exactly the best year for me, for a lot of reasons. Not a total annus horribilis, but not exactly one to file under “OMG THAT WAS THE BEST YEAR EVER!”

As the final hours of the year tick away, I am hoping that 2013 is going to be a good one.  Not just for me, but for my family, my friends and everyone else. I hope that people find happiness. I hope that people are healthy, and remain so. I’ve seen the inside of hospitals (as a visitor) more times this year than I can remember.  I hope that all the people I know and love get what they want and deserve.  Most of all, I hope 2013 is a fucking awesome year for everyone.

Bring it on.