The first month of the year is almost over. Admit it, you broke all your New Year’s Resolutions during the first week. The “New You” you were going to become is still the “Old You” because you thought that the “New You” you wanted to be was too hard to achieve.

It was with a degree of positivity that I welcomed in 2014. To be honest, I’d had enough of 2013 by the time August came around and I was just hanging round waiting for the rest of the year to hurry up and end.  I wasn’t expecting everything to change overnight (I mean how unrealistic would that be?), but I at least hoped that I could maintain a positive attitude until at least the 14th of January. As it is, the people and things and that pissed me off and stressed me out last year are still doing so this year. In fact it almost feels like they are doing so more than ever. Either they have got worse, or my level of tolerance towards them has reached an all time low. Whatever it is, it seems like the new year is already turning out to be like the old year.


Happy New Year

I spent New Year’s Eve flicking between Gary Barlow and Jules Holland’s Hootenanny and watching my town ring in 2014 on Animal Crossing New Leaf. Needless to say my villagers seemed to be partying a lot harder than I was last night. Did have an excuse though, I was at work as normal, which sucked a bit. It should be illegal to work on the last day of the year. Or I should get a job that doesn’t require me to be in work on that day. Still wouldn’t mean that I would get into the New Year spirit, but I would feel a bit less tired.

Anyway, 2014 is here. Let’s hope it is an improvement on last year.

Things to do in 2014

1.  Get a new job

2. Move out

3. Learn to drive

4. Write more blogs

5. Make more videos

6. Make a start on that script that I keep wanting to write

7. Go on a very long holiday

8. Refuse to take any crap from certain individuals

9. Maintain a positive mental attitude

10. Learn a musical instrument

It is highly likely that only one or none of these things will be achieved during the course of the year.