30 Blogs of November: Day 15

I downloaded Anchor onto my phone a few days ago. It’s an app that you can create and share your own audio, like podcasts and stuff. At the moment I’m at the “listening to what everyone else is doing stage”. There is a possibility I could get to the “give up after using it a couple of times and not use it again for months” stage. It is making me wonder though, if I was to do a podcast on it or publish any sort of audio, what would I do other than maybe fill it with music (seeing as you can share songs from Apple Music and Spotify on there as part of your broadcasts).

I am incredibly short on ideas at the moment for a lot of things. I do recommend the app though, if you like that sort of thing.

30 Blogs of November: Day 14

If life is a motorway, then I am stuck in a never-ending traffic jam while everyone else is moving forward at various speeds.

You might be able to tell that I’m not in the most positive mood today. It did start well enough. I guess every now and again, the amount of stuff you see and hear of people you know who are moving away, having a baby or getting engaged takes its toll on you a bit. Sure you’re happy for them, but you then realise that in some ways you haven’t progressed any further from where you were a year or two ago. In some ways, you may even stepped back. We carry on, work our arses off and make the best of the situation we’re in, but it doesn’t feel like we’re getting anywhere.

Maybe I should stop looking at Facebook, shut down my account. I have thought about it a number of times in the past, then decided against it as I still really wanted to stay in touch with the majority of those I know on there. The plus side is that I don’t have many people on it so my Facebook timeline isn’t heaving with every little detail of people’s lives mixed with the odd inspirational quote and stupid meme. It’s all too easy to get caught up in what others are doing that you don’t focus on what you’re doing and what you’re capable of doing.

I’m straying into self-help territory, so I think I had better end this blog now.

30 Blogs of November: Day 13

13th day already? The month is going quickly. And as each day passes, there is more of an urge to write something interesting. Not that I don’t have anything interesting, there’s lots of things that I’ve read about recently and that I have some sort of opinion on but when I come to write about it, I can’t find the words. Basically, I’d suck at being one of those rent a gob opinion columnists, but then Katie Hopkins is the last person I’d ever want to be. Who would want to be someone so full of hate and desperate for attention that they would say anything to get it?

Speaking of Hopkins, I still can’t get over the fact that she’s only 42. She’s the same age as my sister and yet she looks at least ten years older than my sister. I was having a conversation recently with someone I follow on twitter and we noted how all these right wing hate peddlers look a lot older than they really are. Tommy Robinson and the bloke from Britain First are younger than me, I thought they were both in their forties. Nigel Farage was 16 in 1980, yet he looks like he could have been 36 then. It just goes to show, being a horrible person ages you as all that hatred seeps into your soul.

30 Blogs of November: Day 12

My bullet journal had been left in my rucksack ever since I came back from my Scarborough trip. That was in August. Today I got it out again. I’m still pretty rubbish at that whole thing. I don’t know how people have the time or the patience to really make an effort at them, but as long as I’ve got the basics down, it doesn’t matter how they look. Because you don’t create them simply to show them off on Instagram or whatever, do you?

30 Blogs of November: Day 11

I’ve left it late to blog again and my internet is slow. Or maybe it’s my computer, I don’t know. Don’t mind it as I haven’t really been doing anything that important on here.

I’ve not really done much today either. Having been absolutely out of it for the last couple of days, all I’ve wanted to do really is sleep. I did manage to get out earlier, but was more than happy to get back home as it’s been so cold.

That’s it for today anyway.

30 Blogs of November: Day 10

I almost forgot to post again. Sorry about that. I was too busy caught up on tweeting about Gogglebox while at the same time talking about old British comics with someone I follow on there. We agreed that the comics of the 80s and 90s were better than the ones we have now. Today’s seem more bothered about plastering as many free gifts as they can on the cover and plugging products than any real stories. When I was reading the likes of Beano and Whizzer and Chips, we had Swizzels sweets attached to the cover, which we carefully had to cut off so as not to ruin the comic strip on the front and/or inside covers. Sometimes I wish I could find the comics that I grew up with so I could show my nephew what my sister and I used to read when we were growing up. I wish I knew where my Desperate Dan and Dennis The Menace Fan Club badges were. I even wish I could find my old, played to death VHS of the Beano Video so I could the kids how Dennis and Gnasher should look, not the soulless, CGI mess that they are now appearing as in the cartoon that’s just started on kids TV.

And after that rant, I want to find the stash of old Beano and Dandy mini comic books we used to have and eat Fizzers. I have little chance of finding any of them right now.

30 Blogs of November: Day 9

I’m writing this on my phone. I say write, I’m tapping my phone screen repeatedly in an attempt to create sentences. Just like when tweeting yes, but I don’t tend to write my blog posts like this. It feels weird. I don’t think I’ll be making a habit of it unless it’s to share a photo or something.

30 Blogs of November: Day 8

Today was the day that everyone on twitter ended up with 280 characters to play with. I still would prefer it if they kept it to 140, but it has been a bit amusing seeing how various users have tried to make the most of the new amount available to them.

In other news, I’ve been feeling quite unwell today so I’m going to keep this a brief post. Will write more when I start feeling better/have something more to say than I have at the moment.

(Sorry, this is turning out to be really boring, isn’t it?)

30 Blogs of November Day 7.

It’s the 7th November and the Christmas adverts are really starting up on the TV. I still think it’s a little bit early to be talking about Christmas (no, I haven’t done any shopping yet. I’ve still got my nephew’s birthday and my parents’ wedding anniversary to get for before that happens), but I’m still interested to see what the various companies come up with.

Out of the ones so far, I think M&S have won. It’s got Paddington Bear in it, and everyone loves Paddington.

(Also pretty appropriate the ad is out now seeing as the new film is out shortly. Which is bound to be wonderful, just like this is).