Am I a Loser?

Yeah okay, I might be  a  loser.

I love my Nintendo 3DS. I have Pokemon battles with my nephew. I am addicted to Animal Crossing New Leaf and I get upset when one of my villagers leaves (you do get attached to them after a while).

I still like to collect soft toys, especially those of famous characters.

I am still far happier reading comics than newspapers.

I still love watching cartoons, both those from when I was a kid and some of the ones from today.

I see no shame in wearing Spongebob socks, or owning slippers that feature Elmo’s face.

My taste in music might not be 100% as  “highbrow” as yours.

I also tend to find animated meerkats and robots that sell insurance, sofa flogging sloths and now a purple toad that loves Vimto adorably funny.

Some might say, “you need a boyfriend”. I’d have agreed with you at one time,until I realised that men didn’t need me as much as I needed them – not much.

But you know what? I don’t care, because the things that might make me a loser are the very things that I enjoy and make me happy.  Why would you give up the things you enjoy in order to appease others, so long as you’re not harming anyone?  I’d rather embrace my so-called “Loserness” than try to give in to ideas of what someone my age should be and like.

This week I have thought about:

1. Giving my CV  a massive overhaul

2. Dyeing my hair.

3. Buying a guitar.

4. Running away to London.

5. Digging out my old video camera and making vlogs.

6. Signing up for a writing course.

The reason why I haven’t actually done any of those things is because:

1. I’m on holiday and I don’t really feel like doing any career stuff at the minute.

2. The colour that I was interested in dyeing it is not available in any of the shops I’ve been in.

3. I should probably be saving my money for something else.

4. I am probably a bit too old to be running away anywhere.

5. Nobody wants to see my face or hear my voice on YouTube.

6. See reason 3.

It’s so easy to think about doing things. So much harder to go about doing them.

30 Blogs of November: Day 11 – Spam

Since I started doing the NaBloPoMo challenge I have found an increasing number of spam comments on my blog. I’m thinking part of it stems from the fact that I’ve been posting links to a lot of them to my Twitter page (and we all know how that can be spam central). It doesn’t overly bother me, in fact the spam filter on here works quite well. It’s just that I find some of the comments quite funny – or rather the names of the people doing the commenting. For instance, one of the spam comments came from someone claiming to be Justin Bieber. Really. I don’t know about you, but I think it is highly unlikely that he would want to read a blog like mine. And could you imagine the reaction of the Beliebers if he was a commenter to my corner of the blogosphere? I couldn’t deal with the abuse.

30 Blogs of November: Day 10 – 200.

Apparently this is my 200th post on this blog. I have posted 200 times on here, which is a bit  of an achievement, seeing as I never thought I’d get past a quarter of that. You know when you start something, carry it on for a few months and then abandon it? That is what often happens with me.

To be fair there have been a few times when I have gone without posting and thinking of just ditching this altogether, but I always come back to this. That said, I did delete a load of stuff on here and start again in the early days, before this blog became the glorious mess of thoughts it is now.  Sometimes I still think about deleting some of my not so good posts, but then I think, nah. I just hope that people don’t read them as much as the better ones.

I suppose I should do something on here to commemorate this milestone, however I have struggled to think of something once again. Damn writers’ block.  Anyway, thanks to you if you’ve been reading this from the very first post. Here’s to the next 200, eh?

It’s almost November

Time was when November was only about fireworks and thinking about what to buy for Christmas but not really buying anything until the week before the 25th December. These days, it’s also about men trying to grow a moustache for a month and people trying to write a 50,000 word novel over thirty days.

Being of the female species, I can’t grow a moustache, however I did once try to go for a month without shaving my underarms. I lasted a week and a half (it probably wasn’t the wisest idea to try it in a summer month but I didn’t know there’d be a heat wave. Sorry, TMI – they‘ll be no more of that, promise). I have participated in Nanowrimo once, two years ago. I managed 10 days and 5000 words, which were mostly a load of nonsense but I still consider it an achievement that I managed to write anything at all.

I’m not considering doing Nanowrimo again this year, or in the future (I wouldn’t discourage anyone from giving it a go though, it just didn’t turn out well for me). However, recently I have been thinking about trying to write more. I have been trying to post more often on this blog of mine, but for a variety of reasons (lack of time, energy, ideas, etc) I’ve not done it as often as I’ve liked to. When I have posted, it’s more out of telling the three or so people who read it that I’m still alive, which aren’t the most interesting posts really.

So I have decided to set a challenge for myself. As of the 1st November, I am going to post a blog every day for a month. Long posts, short posts, pretty much any kind of post I can put up on the blog I will post on here. I’ll even stick the odd video, photo or audio up on here if I am in the mood for it. The only thing is: “how could I possibly come up with enough decent posts for thirty days straight?”

That’s where you come in, dear reader.

You see, I think I could come up with at least seven days’ worth of ideas for blog posts, but I think there could be times when I need help. So if anyone has any ideas for stuff that could be put on here over the thirty days, then I’m open to suggestions. So long as they are (a) clean and (b) aren’t likely to endanger the lives of myself or anyone around me, then that’s fine with me. I’ll be sure to give you a credit too, unless you’d rather stay anonymous, which again, is fine.

I’m going to have to plan this out a bit more, but already I feel a bit excited. Kind of.


My domain

I will absolutely buy anything off the internet at the moment. Today, I bought a domain name for this blog.

I didn’t really set out to get one, however I have been interested in seeing if I could get one on and off for a bit, so as to make this site a bit more professional, like (well as professional as I can make it). Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if was available, and funnily enough, it was. So I bought it. Only for 12 months though.  I’ll extend it if I am still running this thing when the time on it is up.

The only thing now is working out how I actually use it on here. Is it better/easier for me to transfer the name onto here or is it easier for me to transfer the whole blog over to where I bought the domain name from and have them host it? I love using wordpress and wouldn’t want to export it to another host thinking I’d lose everything I like about using this. I have read up on stuff online but all it does is confuse me.

Maybe I should have looked further before doing it, but then it might well have been gone. Well it most likely may not have, but you know…

A change is as good as a rest…

..I seem to have done a bit of both with this blog recently. I haven’t posted for a few weeks on here as I had another bout of the old bloggers’ block, didn’t really have a lot to write about nor really had the energy to write anything. Plus I have found myself getting heavily involved in watching the Olympics and Paralympics. Both games have been so good. In fact I’m going to be sad tomorrow morning when I turn on Channel 4 and there is no more Paralympic sport on TV. At least when the Olympics finished, we knew it would be kicking off again within a week or so. Now this really is the end of it all for another four years. But hey, all this is for another blog post. I really just came on here to give this old site a bit of a tweak.

The First Post Of 2012

Bank holidays are such an anti-climax. There’s nowhere to go, the TV schedules are mostly full of crap and there’s hardly anything to do. So far I’ve spent the day raiding my selection boxes, listening to my iPod and trying to get a new profile picture for my twitter. I look pale, I’ve got dark marks under my eyes and I generally don’t look very attractive in the pictures. Not that it is my intention to but you want to have a half decent photo, don’t you? Part of me thinks I should have spent longer in bed than I did. It might have been a better use of my day.

As well as this, I have been looking at some of my blog posts over the last year. I’ve seen how I tried to write a post every week during 2011, then stopped when I realised that I probably didn’t have enough to keep me going throughout the whole 52 weeks.  There have been some good posts, others where I have just written any old rubbish, some of them from when I’ve been in a low mood and just want to moan. Apologies if you’ve read any of those.  Not to mention at least one blog post which got more hits than I have got for any post on my site, which had I known, I’d have posted on my wikinut page (it might have been cool to make a bit of money from my casual ramblings, even if it didn’t turn out to be much).

So what to expect for this year then? Well, after writing more posts in December than I have at any other time of year, I hope to carry on doing it. Maybe not 16, but I guess I can manage about 6 a month, maybe 10 at a push.  I have also resolved to keep a diary this year. When I say diary, I mean that I am going to try and fill every single page of it. I bought a nice day to a page one just before Christmas, and it would be a shame to waste it (I also got two week to view ones for Christmas, which will still be useful even if I can’t write loads of stuff in them). I really want to keep up with my writing, in one way or another. Maybe I’ll attempt Nanowrimo again later this year – or maybe not. I might start making videos again after my (extremely brief) attempt at vlogging. Again, maybe not.  I guess we’ll see what happens.


How to fail at NaNoWriMo

So in my last post, I mentioned how I had signed up for NaNoWrimo and was challenging myself to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. I thought it would be a good idea to write a post telling you my progress on it, seeing as there isn’t really anything else I can think of to blog on here at the minute.

So far it is well into the second week of the challenge, and it’s got to be said, I am finding it a lot harder than I thought it would be. Not that I never thought that writing a novel in thirty days would be an easy task, I just thought that once I got into it the ideas and the words would just come out. Suffice to say the amount of words and ideas that has come out from writing for it hasn’t been a waterfall as much as it has been a drip leaking slowly from a tap.  At my last count, I had just under 1000 words, which is pretty much under what you would be expected to have at this point in the challenge. A bad thing? Some might say that, but it is more words than I had at the start of the month, thus I am sort of pleased that I have managed to do anything at all. Plus, I can’t be the only person in this position.

My progress on my novel (or lack of it, in some ways), can be attributed to a number of reasons – lack of time, lack of ideas and that good old friend of ours, procrastination. I am in full-time employment, and depending on what kind of mood I’m in I don’t always feel like getting stuck into story writing when I get home. I’d rather watch TV, browse the web, listen to music, post nonsense on Twitter or indulge in my Tumblr obsessions. Sometimes, even just sleep.  I intend to catch up on it at the weekends, but then I end up doing something else during the day, so I put it off until later on, and not get far with it.  I don’t intend to procrastinate, it just happens, which is still kind of worrying.  I know that at the end of the day, this is just a bit of fun but you know…

One way that I thought I could beat the writers’ block was by starting a blog on Tumblr in which I have attempted to write posts as the main character of the story. By doing this, I have been able to bring up some character traits, come up with other characters, locations and identified one or two bits that could be useful to the actual storyline.  These have probably contributed most to my word count, as I haven’t been able to put together any proper chapters yet, as much has I have tried to.  I suppose if the novel-writing turns into a total fail then there is still a blog that can come out of it, albeit a fictional one.

If there is one thing that I have learned from the whole nanowrimo experience so far, is that it is probably not a good idea to make an iTunes playlist for it – or not to have certain songs on that playlist at least. I created one prior to starting the challenge as I thought it would (a) motivate me a bit and (b) provide a sort of soundtrack to the whole experience. Word of warning: putting a song like Pumped Up Kicks on a playlist you designed to help you write something is asking for trouble. In fact, just avoid putting anything from Foster The People on it –  their songs will stick in your head and have you mentally singing along. Or out loud, which would be incredibly embarrassing. Seriously, save listening to them when you’re not coming up with your next amazing plot twist.