Everything old is new again…

..especially when it comes to kids TV shows. Clangers, Danger Mouse, Thunderbirds – all have been made for today’s audiences. As much as I am inclined to think that the reboots are a sign that people are beginning to run out of ideas, I think it’s cool that these classic characters are being introduced to a new generation of viewers.

As for all those who will inevitably moan about the remakes not being as good as the originals, etc,etc, well they haven’t really been remade for you. Of course, we can hope they all retain some of the spirit of the originals, but it’s a different age now. If Thunderbirds was remade using the original “supermarionation” techniques, instead of choosing the CGI route there would probably still be people criticising it for being “dated”. The trick is get the balance right. The clip of Clangers that was released prior to the eclipse showed a lot of promise. I’m looking forward to seeing how Danger Mouse and Thunderbirds turn out and seeing how young viewers respond to them.

Here’s that Clangers clip btw: