Strangest conversation

As I get older, few things tend to shock me. However, I wasn’t quite prepared for what my friend told me in conversation the other day.

We were sat in Pizza Hut, taking advantage of the Happy Hour deal they’ve got on at the moment, when the topic suddenly turned to music and in particular, what we were both into at the moment. I think it was sprung on by me noting that Level 42 was playing in the place (the first time in ages that I’d heard Level 42 playing anywhere), thus showing just how old I’m getting. You’d think that alone would freak me out, but no.

My friend told me that she had recently got into- wait for it-Status Quo.

If that wasn’t enough, she said that she’d asked her boyfriend to get her Cliff Richard’s album for Christmas. He didn’t get it her because he couldn’t find it in the shops (one wonders if he was being entirely true).

Now I’m no music snob. I respect other people’s musical tastes, even if it’s not what I would go for. Still, I did nearly choke on my Chicken and Mushroom pizza.