30 Blogs of November Day 7.

It’s the 7th November and the Christmas adverts are really starting up on the TV. I still think it’s a little bit early to be talking about Christmas (no, I haven’t done any shopping yet. I’ve still got my nephew’s birthday and my parents’ wedding anniversary to get for before that happens), but I’m still interested to see what the various companies come up with.

Out of the ones so far, I think M&S have won. It’s got Paddington Bear in it, and everyone loves Paddington.

(Also pretty appropriate the ad is out now seeing as the new film is out shortly. Which is bound to be wonderful, just like this is).

The things you hear in M&S.

While wandering through Marks and Spencer on Sunday afternoon, I overheard two little kids – a boy and a girl no older than six- singing Katy Perry’s faux-lesbian anthem “I Kissed A Girl” at the tops of their voices.

While the youngsters’ singing did draw a couple of “awwwwws” from some of the people nearby, you couldn’t help but find it slightly dodgy. Still, they were cute kids.