NaBloPoMo Day 7: Friday Night (or struggling to get a post idea again)

Some people spend their Friday nights out. I spent my Friday night surfing the net, watching Gogglebox and chewing bubblegum.


I am supposedly thirty three years old. I also seem to get bubbles popping on my nose a lot.

Random Ish.

I have had a pretty busy and stressful week this week. So busy in fact, that I have spent most of this weekend trying to recover from it.  It’s only a few moments ago that I realised “oh crap I haven’t done a blog for this week yet!”, so I suddenly got myself on here.

Thing is, it’s one of those times when I start a blog with no idea of what I’m going to write about. There are some things I could mention, like that bloody Friday song that has taken over the internet this week, but I think there’s been a lot said about that already. I did do my bit for the cause by accidentally donating £30 through three separate text messages as I didn’t receive any thank you texts for the first two thus thought they didn’t get them.  I’m not too bothered about that though. I could also talk about Comic Relief, but again, a lot has been said about that. I could say that I have finally got my proper broadband back after what seems like ages using a dongle, but that would be a bit of a boring post. And I would rather not use this space to whinge about work, however I would just like to say that I would not like to have a job in management after the week I have had.

So this entry is more about keeping the “post a week challenge” going. Bit shit really, isn’t it?