So here we are, 2017. Doesn’t seem too bad so far, but then it’s only day one. God knows what’s going to happen over the next 364 days. Plus I haven’t been out of the house and done anything today. I did go to bed at 3:20am. I didn’t even party hard last night (not that I do anyway on NYE), I was at my sister’s having a meal and being slumped on her couch watching the Hootenanny. Me and the parents ended up walking home at 1:25am as there were no taxis to be had, but it was all good as we’re only 15 minutes walk away. Plus it was a nice experience, walking along, having total strangers you meet along the way wish you a happy new year and vice versa. We got home and for some reason ended up watching an episode of Marple before hitting the sack. Hardcore.

As for today, I’ve just been sat inside watching TV and thinking about catching up on my sleep. I did try a nap earlier, having only got six and a half hours sleep, however I find it difficult to sleep in the day. I am faring better than many though. I don’t drink much and I didn’t have a drop of alcohol last night, so it’s only tiredness I was feeling this morning, not that I am bragging about it. I’ve also tried to do a bit of writing today. Actual pen in hand writing in a notebook. I’ve been doing it a bit more over the last few months, as I tried the “bullet journal” thing. I’m still doing it,however it’s less making note of things to do or events and more noting down all the ideas and random thoughts in my head now. And I’m absolutely crap at all the arty/crafty stuff that some bullet journalers do with theirs, but that’s not really necessary. I do use a lot of those little post-it thingies in it though. I use them to mark important pages and also where I’ve written something really good that I can put on the blog.

I am intending to blog a lot more this year and do more photography. I got my big camera out yesterday and there’s an online photography course I started a while ago that I want to complete. I’m having a go at film photography again too, using one of those little Lomography cameras. I really want to engage in my hobbies again, as I don’t think I’ve had as much chance over the last year, or just didn’t feel like it.

Well this is getting a bit of a long and rambling post, so I’ll leave it here.

Happy New Year.


30 Blogs of November: Day 26 – Skill

So while I have been on holiday, I have  been to the dentist, been to the hospital, tried to make a start on the Christmas Shopping, redecorated my house on Animal Crossing New Leaf, tried to look for a new job and updated my iPhone to iOS7  – as well as some other things in between. Oh and keeping up the blog challenge, of course.

Damn I’ve been productive.

There still is a lot more that I could do over the next few days, it’s just that I don’t know what. I had thought about trying to learn a new skill while I was off. I was going to look at GIMP again for the first time in ages and see if I could get my head around it. In fact I did and I still can’t get to grips with it, which is fine. There are other photo editors available which are so much bloody easier.

I even thought about trying to learn a musical instrument – or at the very least reacquainting myself with one of the instruments  we have at home that I briefly fiddled about with before discarding out of frustration and/or boredom. Could have dug out the keyboard we had as a kid, or the harmonica I had as a youngster and see if I learn to play something other than “When the Saints Go Marching In” – the only song that the booklet that came with it showed you how to play. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to become an expert in such a short space of time but it would be another hobby, and I could do with more hobbies. Other than this of course.

On another note, when I grow up, I want to be able to build Lego models like these: