Work and life

My time off is almost over. I go  back to work on Tuesday and I am not exactly looking forward to it. Of course, I and many others say it all the time, but I am even less excited than usual. The last few days that I’ve been off have been pretty hectic and it has got me thinking  again about certain things. The two weeks I’ve been off has a whole has made me realise just how much time I spend in my workplace and how much I need to be able to switch off from it as much as possible. I had the opportunity to forget about it while I’ve been on holiday, of course, but I think I need more time away from this job of mine.

I would like to change jobs, but I don’t think I’d be able to find one and get it so quickly, given this current climate. The other option is for me to reduce my hours, but every time I so much as hint at this certain people get on my back about it. They do have a point – my job isn’t the highest paid and going away from full time but mean less money.  But if a particular job wears you down that much, you’d be happy taking less hours if you weren’t able to pack said job in altogether? It’s all about striking a balance and holidays aside, I don’t feel like I get a good balance at any other time.

Ideally, I would love to be able to earn money through writing, however I don’t think my ramblings would earn a hell of a lot. Cutting my hours would mean that I could focus on this as well as have a bit more time to support my family. I guess the only way going part-time at work could really work for me is if I did earn something from stuff I’d written. Yet I would only have the time to really write anything that I could get money from if I went part-time at work.

And at this point, I am getting really really confused by it all. As I am sure you are, dear reader.

The main point is, that at some point I am probably going to have to make some sort of decision as to where my future lies. Do I carry on doing something that often tires me and drags me down, do it less so it doesn’t get me down or just throw in the towel completely? If the latter, then where can I go? I know there should be a few opportunities for someone with my qualifications and work experience, but what is available? I know I couldn’t sustain a decent income through writing alone, well  probably not for a long time.

I guess I could do with some career advice.

I bet I get a ton of spam comments on this post.

On leave.

So I am currently on holiday at the moment. I’ve got two weeks off – well, two weeks and a day. I’m off now because like everyone, I need a break from work, but also I have to take them by the end of March otherwise I’ll lose them and there’s far too many left for me to just throw away.

Before you ask, I have no plans to go away anywhere, except for just the odd day trip here and there. I’ve not really done much the last few days, except chill out, try and get past the Radical Highway level on Sonic Generations and help my parents out with stuff. My dad hasn’t been well the last couple of days, so I’ve been looking after him while my mum’s been at work. To be honest, it’s just been nice just being at home, sitting around with nothing incredibly urgent and important to do. My only gripe is that my body still wants to wake me up at 7:20am. Even on annual leave I can’t get a proper lie-in, what the hell’s up with that?!

I also thought that while I was off, I might be able to do a bit more writing, maybe take some photos or even videos but I’ll have to wait and see with that one. In any case, I might be waffling on here a bit more often than normal. I apologise in advance if any of it is so obviously done of boredom.

This is not a blog post.

Well, it was going to be until I forgot what I was going to write about. Been doing a lot of that lately sorry about that.

So instead, here is a photo of Southport Pier that I took last week when I was on holiday there.

Pointless Notes : The batteries in my camera wore out after I took this, as I used the digital zoom on it (I had spares) and I have no idea who those children are.

The Best Laid Plans…

…are the ones that get messed up the quickest. Well, they are in my experience. I am off work for a few days next week, and I decided that I was going to make the most of the time off that I had. I had planned to go and meet a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for a few years, yet was still in regular touch with – as well as meeting another mate who was still on her holidays (the same friend who I’d met in Chester a couple of weeks ago, for those who stalk my twitter feed). I’d already agreed the day (next Friday) and the place with them both, all I needed to do was just get the travel and possible accommodation stuff sorted. I’d have it sorted out come the weekend, I thought. That was last Wednesday.

Four days later, I still haven’t sorted it out.  The day after I’d texted my friends trying to organise something, I came home from work tired, a bit feverish and generally feeling like crap. I didn’t feel like doing anything except going straight to bed, which I did at 9pm. The next morning I managed to crawl out of bed and get to work, despite still feeling like shit. Good job as one of my colleagues had called in sick, but bad as I was hoping to go home at lunchtime. I struggled through the day, then got home and remained slumped on the sofa until 10pm. As a result, I made myself uncontactable for a few days, especially on twitter.

Today (Sunday), I still don’t feel great, however I feel just about ok to come on the computer and ramble on about it (as well as doing other things), however I’m thinking that I have probably left it too late to sort myself out for my trip. Since I made my initial plans, I’ve also discovered that my phone is on its last legs (well, the battery is, at least) and I have been asked to pay some of the bills on behalf of my parents (which I did agree to a bit ago, but only just been reminded). And if I still don’t feel well on Tuesday, it will probably be the doctor’s for me.  In a way, I suppose it’s a good thing that I hadn’t wasted any money on train tickets just yet. Still, I am annoyed with myself that this has happened. Maybe I can reschedule, I just don’t want to mess my friends around, especially as the whole meet up thing was my idea in the first place.  I had mentioned the week I’m off after this as well, but I don’t think it would be as easy for us to all get together then as it would be for this. In short, this is looking like it is turning into one big fail – and I blame myself for it.



In other news, I haven’t got round to starting my vlog yet. I was hoping to have something for you before now, especially as I had already set up a youtube account for it (God help me). Anyway as soon as everything has been sorted out there will be something up there for you to watch and ridicule.