I had to write this…

No matter how often I think that we live in a wonderful world, full of kind, decent people, something always comes along that reminds me that there are many heartless bastards walking among us.

Today I got one of those reminders.

In the morning, an old lady who is one of our regular customers  came into my work to get something. Ten minutes later, she came back in saying that she’d lost her purse and asked us  if she’d left it there. We hadn’t seen it, but we said we would let her know if anyone handed it in to us.

When I came back from lunch, my boss had found a purse that had been pushed through our letterbox. It was the old lady’s.  My boss and I were so glad it had turned up and we contacted her straight away. We talked about how good, kind and honest the individual who found it was, how they had restored our faith in humanity. That faith was quickly crushed again when the customer came to collect it, to find that the money she had in her purse – all £300 of it- had gone. This lady is due to go into hospital for an organ transplant and the time her purse went missing, she was heading to the post office to pay all her bills and her rent before she goes for her operation. I felt sick, but most of all I felt angry.

I’d like to think that the person who pushed it through our letter box was not the same person who helped themselves to this poor lady’s cash. After all, if you’re honest enough to hand it in, surely you’re not dishonest enough to steal from it? We’ll probably never know where it was found, who found it or how it went missing. What we do know however, is that the person who did this is one of the biggest scumbags walking this planet right now – if not the biggest.  I’m not normally the type to wish bad things on people, but I hope that the good time that he/she will undoubtedly aim to have as a result of finding this lady’s money turns into their worst time ever. Most of all, I hope they rot in hell.