The things you hear in M&S.

While wandering through Marks and Spencer on Sunday afternoon, I overheard two little kids – a boy and a girl no older than six- singing Katy Perry’s faux-lesbian anthem “I Kissed A Girl” at the tops of their voices.

While the youngsters’ singing did draw a couple of “awwwwws” from some of the people nearby, you couldn’t help but find it slightly dodgy. Still, they were cute kids.

Probably been posted on millions of other blogs already…

The latest advert for cadbury’s dairy milk. Not as good as the one with the gorilla sure, but still great. It’s probably a good idea not to focus too much on the kids’ eyebrow movements though, especially if you’re under the influence of anything.  Not that I know what it’s like to watch it under the influence, you understand.