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Have spent most of it without taking my anxiety medication (which I only use when I need it). There were two situations when maybe I should have done but I’m trying not to become dependent on them and only using them when I feel I have to. Managed to do one night of sleep during […]

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Today, once again, I looked at jobs online. Once again, I didn’t find anything and I was generally pissed off about it. How can it be that there isn’t a single thing that neither interested me or was qualified to do on Monster or any of the other job sites I was looking at? It […]

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I turned 34 a few days ago. While there was celebration at reaching another year of being on this Earth, there was also disappointment at being another year closer to 40. I don’t really feel that old, not yet anyway. It’s not much different to when I was 33, when it took me a while […]

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I’m on leave from work for the next two weeks. Once again, I have no idea what I’m doing for most of it. I have one or two things lined up, but for the most part I will be just resting. One thing’s for sure, I need it. It nearly always seems to be the […]

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..a couple of things have happened since I last blogged on here. My Dad has been in hospital for the last week and a half. He went in for one operation, yet ended up having to have another one for something else. Everything’s gone well and he seems fine, but needless to say, it was […]

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