Am I a Loser?

Yeah okay, I might be  a  loser.

I love my Nintendo 3DS. I have Pokemon battles with my nephew. I am addicted to Animal Crossing New Leaf and I get upset when one of my villagers leaves (you do get attached to them after a while).

I still like to collect soft toys, especially those of famous characters.

I am still far happier reading comics than newspapers.

I still love watching cartoons, both those from when I was a kid and some of the ones from today.

I see no shame in wearing Spongebob socks, or owning slippers that feature Elmo’s face.

My taste in music might not be 100% as  “highbrow” as yours.

I also tend to find animated meerkats and robots that sell insurance, sofa flogging sloths and now a purple toad that loves Vimto adorably funny.

Some might say, “you need a boyfriend”. I’d have agreed with you at one time,until I realised that men didn’t need me as much as I needed them – not much.

But you know what? I don’t care, because the things that might make me a loser are the very things that I enjoy and make me happy.  Why would you give up the things you enjoy in order to appease others, so long as you’re not harming anyone?  I’d rather embrace my so-called “Loserness” than try to give in to ideas of what someone my age should be and like.


I originally posted this on my Tumblr blog, but I thought it was worth re-posting on here as it is about something that really gets on my nerves. I hope you don’t mind me ranting about this:

Spelling the word “lose” with an extra “o” creates an entirely different word with a different meaning.

You loosen your tie.

You set the juice loose.

There is a TV show called Loose Women.

But you do NOT loose your keys, you LOSE them.

Someone who you may think is an idiot is a LOSER.

And you most certainly don’t loose the plot.

Please bear this in mind the next time you post something on the internet.

Thank you.