Spark Posted

One thing that I’ve found myself doing a lot since I downloaded Adobe Spark Post, is using it to put down my thoughts. Whenever I’ve felt stressed, or a random idea has come into my head, I’ve tapped it in the app, playing with all the various fonts and backgrounds until I’ve found one that suits the text.

Following the news regarding my home town of Manchester this week (as well as the government voting to not extend free school meals over school holidays), I made this. A simple graphic, with a message that is short and to the point.

You know he is. He really is.

Juvenile? Yes, but it felt so good to get it out of my head.

(If anyone in Greater Manchester or beyond wants to use the above graphic by the way, feel free to screenshot or save the image however you want)

An ideal home

On Saturday  I went to the Ideal Home Show. It’s not the kind of thing I’d normally attend but (a) I agreed to go with my sister and (b) the tickets were free, acquired through a promotion in the local paper. It was actually pretty good, lots of things to look at and also buy – however we didn’t get a lot as much of the nice stuff was still a bit pricey.

Among the things they had on show was this sort of pre-fab home called the hivehaus. We were able to go and have a look around it and it seemed quite nice and cosy. I’d quite like to live in one to be honest.

I do have photos of it but I can’t seem to upload them at the moment.

The Last Broadcast

This evening, the BBC are saying goodbye to Television Centre. On BBC4, I watched Madness play an excellent set in the grounds of the famous studios, while Michael Grade is interviewing some of the BBC’s famous faces on their memories of working there. While all the attention is being focussed on the BBC’s final broadcasts from its legendary home, closer to home another era in television is ending. This evening, the final edition of Granada Reports to be broadcast from Granada TV’s equally legendary Quay Street studios was being transmitted. From Monday, it will be broadcast from its new home at Media City.

Granada Studios, home to some of the world’s greatest television. Next to the Beeb.

I am sad to see Granada leave its Quay Street home. I have walked past it plenty of times over the years. My Mum and my sister both went to watch shows that were recorded at the studios. As a kid, I went on a school trip to the now defunct Granada Studios Tour. I got to walk down Coronation Street and Baker Street (as it was in Granada’s brilliant Sherlock Holmes series), wandered round a room straight out of The Return of the Antelope and watched a debate in the House of Commons. The trip fuelled my interest in television and I hoped to one day be able to walk through the corridors of Granada for real. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

My main fear for Granada Studios, is that it will end up being demolished like the BBC on Oxford Road did. I went past the site of the latter on the bus only last week and was sad to see the gaping hole (and the car park) that has been left there. As it isn’t a listed building, there is a big chance that the Quay Street site could also disappear from the Manchester skyline. It would be a total shame if ITV allowed the oldest working studios in Britain, which is probably the best known after Television Centre, to disappear. And I would hate to see it become some other pricey housing development or soulless office block that is constantly empty, even if they call it “Granada Court” or “Bernstein Towers” (after Sir Sidney Bernstein, Granada TV’s founder). As with Television Centre, why can’t they just leave them alone and let them keep making great television? It’s not that I’m opposed to change, but when things seem to be working OK, why change them?


The Olympic Torch Relay 24th June 2012

So yesterday, I got up at stupid o’clock to go and watch the Olympic Torch Relay in my neighbourhood. Getting up at 6am for any reason, let alone for an event like this, on a Sunday morning should surely be illegal, but it’s not everyday you get to see something like this happen in your area.

After walking round the corner at 6:50am, the procession finally came down the road at about 7:03am. Loads of people came out to watch – more than I actually thought would do, seeing as (a) it looked as if the weather wasn’t going to be too great and (b) it was so early in the morning. Thankfully, the rain stayed away for a while.

I did get some photos, mostly of the sponsors’ buses that came down the road a few minutes before the torch bearer came down (Coca Cola, Samsung and Lloyds TSB, not to mention Real Radio were covering it), while I managed to get the big moment on video. Excuse the slightly shaky camerawork and background mutterings. While I was really excited to see it, I was still quite tired and I went straight to bed when I got in.

Believe it or not, that’s the Goodyear blimp.

Believe it or not, that's the Goodyear blimp.

The Goodyear blimp was flying over my neighbourhood earlier as I was on my way home from work. I ended up standing on the corner of my road trying to get photos of it with my phone. This was one of them I took. I know it probably looks a bit like a UFO here (or just some weird dot in the sky), but other pics I posted on my twitter will assure you it is that.

(I gave it a few effects on pixlr-o-matic as well)

Another snow- related blog (with pics this time!)

So yesterday I blogged on here about the unusual (for us) amount of snow that has hit my hometown this week and how I managed to walk (with difficulty) to work in it. I thought you might like to see it for yourself.  It was my afternoon off, so I went outside and took a few photos of it. I also managed to fit in a mini snowball fight with my dad who was clearing the snow off the car (he did start it).

Anyways, here’s a couple of them for your enjoyment:

This was how deep the snow was in the back garden. My feet virtually disappeared into it.

My snow covered street.

This is the tennis court near where I live.

Gives you some sort of idea doesn’t it?

EDIT: Sorry about the size of the last pic. I intended to upload it from my computer but something went wrong so copied the url of it from my flickr account instead. Didn’t think it would be huge!