An incredibly short post to say Merry Christmas.

I hope you have a good and peaceful one. Try not to get into any arguments at the dinner table and maybe stay off social media if you’re recording any TV.

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a great day tomorrow, full of presents, food, family and good TV. Try not to get into any heated debates with your loved ones at the dinner table over the things that have happened over the past year, however hard that might be. Seriously, don’t even let Fart or Brexit and people’s opinions on them (even those you agree with) ruin your day, okay? Just enjoy it, because goodness knows we all deserve it.

A Very Short Christmas Blog

Merry Christmas all those of you reading this. May you get all the presents you want and a few you weren’t expecting but still like a bit. ┬áHave fun, try not to fall out with the family, and don’t eat or drink so much that you end up missing a load of the day unless, of course, you’d prefer to sleep in front of the TV instead of playing charades or doing whatever you often do on Christmas Day for post-dinner entertainment.

Oh and one last thing: don’t go on to twitter complaining that you didn’t get that thing you wanted. It’s just not cool, even if it does give some people amusement.

Have a good one.