My Brief History of Blogging: Part One

Hi. So originally I was going to make this a really short post about how I feel blogging is different these days. I ended up writing about my own journey as a blogger and it has turned out longer than I anticipated. In fact, I am still writing it. So I thought it would be a great idea to turn it into a mini series on here. I know you’re excited.

Here’s the first part of this post. Expect the second sometime later this week. Enjoy the read.

Blogging has changed so much since I started doing it back in the day. When I started, people were doing it as a hobby. It was an online diary. People used it to talk about their lives, share the things that they were up to and what interested them. They also used them to rant a fair bit and post the results of quizzes they did when they were bored and should have been doing something constructive. Or at least, I did.

In the days I first started to blog, MySpace was in existence. I didn’t sign up for a profile until about 2006 and I was probably getting on a bit to have one even then (reader, I was 25). I did post some blogs on there but not often. I thought it was a bit crap if you wanted to use it as a blog space but ok for the occasional quick ramble.

My first blog proper, was on Blogger. I’d looked at all the various blog platforms, including LiveJournal and one called 20Six but I settled on Blogger because it seemed like the easiest to set up at the time. I used the blog to post about my interests and what I’d been doing to begin with, then started to use it as a platform to let off steam about anything in the news or in my life that had pissed me off that day. Towards the end, I ended up doing various online quizzes such as “Which Muppet are you?” and “What superpower should you have?” and sharing the results as I had no idea what to write about. My first blog, which I can’t remember the name of, let alone the url, was eventually abandoned and left to float into the darkest depths of cyberspace.

 My interest in blogging, though, hadn’t entirely gone with it…

Facebook hates me.

I'm not too keen on it either.
It forever sets out to annoy me. When I log on, it says there's a
problem loading the page.
When I do get on the site, I can't always post to my friends walls. It
either takes forever to update or doesn't update at all.
Someone tried to start a conversation with me on fb chat last night. I
couldn't reply to them. It was probably for the best though as it was
about 11:15pm and I would talked to them for ages if I did. Still you
feel like they're thinking you're ignoring them when you know that
you're not.
I remove an app. It still sends me emails relating to it.
It sends me email updates for apps that I didn't know I had added to
my page.
And don't get me started on the changes they've made to it.
It's enough to make me go back to MySpace. Don't tell me you haven't
been feeling the same at times.