The trouble with twitter (and the internet).

Last night,  I unintentionally worried at least one of my followers on twitter by hinting that I felt like giving up on the website altogether. I had been in a bit of  a mood since earlier on in the evening, and didn’t necessarily feel at all talkative in the twitter sense. At one point during the evening, I said that it was a time like then that I felt like leaving it. I got a DM from someone asking me if I was ok.

Nearly a day later, I have broken my twitter silence, yet I still feel the way I did last night. Thing is, I have looked at some of the things I’ve posted on my timeline recently and I fear that I am becoming the kind of people on the internet – and especially twitter – that I hate the most. The kind of people who tweet that they are or on a near regular basis. The ones who constantly fill their timelines moaning about everything and everyone. The ones who constantly bitch about other people, especially those in the public eye to the point that they abuse these people directly by incorporating the username of their target into the tweet. The ones who, generally don’t have anything interesting to say and just spend their days just getting off on being negative.

Usually, I would try to ignore the negativity that gets spouted on the internet, but recently I’ve found it all getting to me.  Yes there has always been a nasty contingent of people on the internet, who think that hiding behind a username and a computer gives them the right to say whatever they like, however horrible and/or hurtful that may be. Yet whether their contributions be aimed at you or not, it is still a depressing sight to see what they say.  It seems to be that nearly every day I log on to twitter, I find myself seeing nothing but negativity clogging up my timeline. Just before I came on here, I saw a tweet from someone I follow saying that he wished that a sick rumour someone started about a celebrity being dead was true.  These kind of twitter rumours are abhorrent to start with, but for someone to respond to it by saying they wished the person in question really was dead – sorry, but that’s unacceptable no matter how much you hate them.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have a rant, a moan and a bitch now and again, but to do it so much that it is all your twitter profile seems to be about isn’t healthy.  And it doesn’t seem healthy to be constantly subjected to it. Which is why I feel the way I do about twitter  at the moment.  However despite this, I don’t think I could totally delete my account. The vast majority of people I’ve met on Twitter are lovely and I enjoy chatting with them. I guess the main thing is to try and prevent some of the not-so-nice people on twitter from finding their way onto my timeline. Or just stop looking at it altogether.