30 Blogs of November Day 21

I did have an idea for today’s entry, then I downloaded Animal Crossing Pocket Camp onto my iPhone. Yes it’s the Animal Crossing finally getting a smartphone version. I honestly think I am going to waste a few important hours of my life on this game. Kind of like when I played Animal Crossing New Leaf for the first time. I like that there are a few familiar faces in the game, like Isabelle (who is adorable as ever) and Rosie, who was always one of my favourites when she lived in my AC town. Now all I need is for Sheldon the jock squirrel to turn up at some point because he was my all time favourite character. Yes I know I’m a bit sad but I don’t really care.

The Nintendo Download Rip-Off.

I love my Nintendo 3DS. I particularly love the fact that you can download games onto it via the Nintendo e-shop, as they have made a lot of old school NES and Game Boy titles available to download. Thus I have ended up buying the titles that I missed out on when I had both these consoles back in the day, as well as one I did have (I had to get the original Super Mario Bros again).

Recently Nintendo have started to make new titles available to download, which I thought was a pretty good idea. It made sense to me that they should do this, why should it just be the oldies that are available to play within a matter of clicks? I expected that they probably would be around the same price as the physical version, if not just slightly cheaper than the physical. I mean, the digital one doesn’t have any packaging around it, right?

Today I was looking at some 3DS games online. I am interested in getting the new Luigi’s Mansion game, so I was looking at Amazon et all and comparing the prices. They were all just over £30. Around the price you might expect for a new Nintendo 3DS title. Not bad, I thought, but could I get it cheaper?

It was then I decided to switch on the 3DS and had a look for it on Nintendo e-shop. I found Luigi’s Mansion 2 was available. It was £40 to download.

Forty bloody pounds.

I couldn’t believe it. Sure I expected it to be around the same price as the physical, but nearly ten pounds dearer? How can Nintendo justify making a digital version more expensive than the standard? Especially when it is exactly the same version of the game, just delivered in a different format. For a few quid more, I expect some bonus levels and power-ups, like a deluxe edition of an album gives you extra tracks for a bit more money. If you’re just going to give the same old, then sorry Nintendo, but I’ll be sticking to the good old fashioned cartridges. Hey, you’ll still be getting my money whatever. And I’ll still be purchasing retro games via the game shop, which are quite reasonably priced. However I am still waiting for you to make Duck Hunt available. That old NES classic deserves to be revived surely?