I am reminded that it’s coming up to NaNoWriMo time again. I still get the emails about it a few years on from my first (and only) attempt at it. I’ve thought about trying again some time, but as each year passes I just feel more and more like I don’t have the energy or time to really make a go of it.

That doesn’t mean that I am totally against the idea of month long writing challenges. Indeed, I’ve taken on my own alternative in the past. November has seen me post a blog every day instead. Doing that every day felt a lot easier to me than writing novel chapters, even if I did run out of things to blog about near the end of the month. I didn’t do it last year and I am unsure as to whether I’ll do it this year, unless I can guarantee that at least 60 percent of them are not going to made up of me moaning that I have nothing to write about.

It’s almost November

Time was when November was only about fireworks and thinking about what to buy for Christmas but not really buying anything until the week before the 25th December. These days, it’s also about men trying to grow a moustache for a month and people trying to write a 50,000 word novel over thirty days.

Being of the female species, I can’t grow a moustache, however I did once try to go for a month without shaving my underarms. I lasted a week and a half (it probably wasn’t the wisest idea to try it in a summer month but I didn’t know there’d be a heat wave. Sorry, TMI – they‘ll be no more of that, promise). I have participated in Nanowrimo once, two years ago. I managed 10 days and 5000 words, which were mostly a load of nonsense but I still consider it an achievement that I managed to write anything at all.

I’m not considering doing Nanowrimo again this year, or in the future (I wouldn’t discourage anyone from giving it a go though, it just didn’t turn out well for me). However, recently I have been thinking about trying to write more. I have been trying to post more often on this blog of mine, but for a variety of reasons (lack of time, energy, ideas, etc) I’ve not done it as often as I’ve liked to. When I have posted, it’s more out of telling the three or so people who read it that I’m still alive, which aren’t the most interesting posts really.

So I have decided to set a challenge for myself. As of the 1st November, I am going to post a blog every day for a month. Long posts, short posts, pretty much any kind of post I can put up on the blog I will post on here. I’ll even stick the odd video, photo or audio up on here if I am in the mood for it. The only thing is: “how could I possibly come up with enough decent posts for thirty days straight?”

That’s where you come in, dear reader.

You see, I think I could come up with at least seven days’ worth of ideas for blog posts, but I think there could be times when I need help. So if anyone has any ideas for stuff that could be put on here over the thirty days, then I’m open to suggestions. So long as they are (a) clean and (b) aren’t likely to endanger the lives of myself or anyone around me, then that’s fine with me. I’ll be sure to give you a credit too, unless you’d rather stay anonymous, which again, is fine.

I’m going to have to plan this out a bit more, but already I feel a bit excited. Kind of.


NaBloPoMo (or November has far too many alternative names)

This month is November. Also known as Movember, when members of the male species try to grow hair in that space between their nose and top lip for charity. Also known as National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWrimo), where people try to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. And now I find it is also known as National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), where people try to write a blog post every day for 30 days.

The last one is a new one to me, having only found out about it when I was going through five days worth of emails earlier, through a message that wordpress themselves sent out. As we’re at the sixth day of the month, it is probably a bit late to start such a challenge – that’s if I thought that I could really sustain such a challenge. Truth is, as proven by my ill fated attempt to write a blog post every week last year, and my even more disastrous attempt at NaNoWrimo last November (both of which you can read about in the archives of this blog), I don’t have the time, or even the energy to really make a go of such a challenge. That said, I think things like this are a brilliant way to get people writing and even though my attempt at Nanowrimo was a bit of a fail I still managed to get about 5000 words down. Yes it was mostly rubbish, but you’re not going to write a perfect draft of a novel in 30 days (if you are capable of that though, good for you). The main point of challenges like this is to encourage you to write, and have fun doing it. And I did enjoy doing them both even if I didn’t hit the target. 

If you are doing any of the challenges I’ve mentioned here this month, good luck with them. 



If you happen to follow my blog a lot, you might well have noticed that I am always looking for other ways to keep myself occupied in terms of trying to be creative. I tried the post a week challenge on here, which I managed to keep up until around August, when I realised it was impossible for me to have anything of note to say for every week of the year or be able to keep up without having life get in the way somehow. I tried audio blogging (via audioboo), but didn’t get far with that. As for vlogging, that’s sort of been put on hold for a while (i.e. I need new batteries for my Flip but can’t be arsed to put any in them).

Now I have decided to sign up for National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo as you’ll have seen it written as) which starts on the 1st November. I signed up a couple of weeks ago when I was in one of those moments when you are just browsing the internet, see something mentioned and you think “yeah that seems interesting, might give it a go for a laugh, like”. Of course, twenty four hours later you’re thinking, “What the hell have I let myself in for?” and I am still thinking this. I mean, you’re trying to write a novel in thirty days. You’re not necessarily going to write anything the quality of Harry Potter or War and Peace in that space of time, and truth be told you’re not expected to as it’s all about quantity over quality, but even so you want to try and create something that makes some sense. If you go back to it after the initial challenge is over you want to be able to understand it enough to make changes to it – that’s if you’re serious enough about it.

As it is, I still haven’t thought of a basic idea for my novel yet. I know there’s probably plenty of people who don’t have anything in their head until the very first day of the challenge when they fire up their computers to start typing it for the first time, but I like to be prepared even if this is all essentially a bit of fun. I want to have at least one character and the beginnings of a plot before I start putting it down for real and as yet I have nothing. They say everyone has a novel inside them, but I don’t have a sentence, let alone a paragraph or chapter. But sod it. I am going to give it my best shot even if it turns out to be the biggest pile of wank I have ever written. Just writing enough to reach the word limit would be an achievement for me.

So this place might be even quieter now than it was before, and there might even be a bit of Twilence along the way. I’ll still be around somewhere, in some shape or form.