BBC 6 Music Must Be Saved.

The news that the BBC were planning to axe BBC 6 Music came as a real shock to me. Over the last couple of years, it had become one of the few radio stations I was prepared to listen to on a regular basis –  whenever I was able to get online or borrow my dad’s DAB radio.  For someone like me, who had grown tired of Radio 1’s output but wasn’t quite ready to make the switch over to Radio 2, it is an excellent alternative.  Plus it has given me the opportunity to hear music that none of the mainstream stations will touch. And it is a million times better than NME Radio.

When I think about all the other things that the BBC have wasted thousands of pounds on, it makes my blood boil that they would even consider axing the station. Do we really need more than two episodes of Eastenders a week? Do the likes of Chris Moyles and Graham Norton- not to mention the executives in charge of the corporation –   need to be paid as much as they are? Does the BBC  need to send so many journalists to cover one major sporting event? And  is more than 85% of the programmes on BBC Three of a high quality? The answer to all of them is of course,  a resounding no. Indeed, the existence of Snog, Marry, Avoid? is enough to make me want to withhold my license fee if I was the one responsible for paying for it.

Put simply, I would rather see the BBC use its budget to provide quality, intelligent and entertaining programming for ALL audiences, rather than waste it on crappy reality shows and the salaries of people who, in my mum’s words, I wouldn’t pay in brass washers.

EDIT – If you want to support the campaign to save BBC 6 Music, then please check out and sign the petition here.