Day One

It’s New Year’s Day. Some people rang in 2018 full of optimism for the year ahead. I woke up this morning wishing that I lived in Scotland so I could have an extra day’s holiday.

I’m tired. I’m bored of everything that’s on TV. I’m getting increasingly annoyed at all the social media posts declaring “New year, new me”. It might well be a new year, but the “new” you will still have a lot of the old you in them. People who hop on board that train never really change; they just find other, better ways to disguise who they really are. They fool others, even themselves, into thinking that they are a different person to who they were before until inevitably, the mask slips.

I’m not in the mood to be positive, sorry about that. Maybe I will feel that way in a day or two. For now, I just want to sleep for an age. Happy New Year and all that.

I’m still rubbish at this stuff.

Here’s a question for you; how many times have you signed yourself up to something online, only for you to rarely, if ever, use it?

I’ve probably done it more times than I can remember. It often starts when I see some website promoted on social media or in a magazine (Web User FTW), thinking it sounds interesting, getting as far as logging in and setting up my profile. I’ll then probably log in about three times after that and then just completely forget about it.

The latest one of those sites I signed up to but haven’t really used is a site called vocal. It’s a “social publishing platform” – I guess that’s what they call websites that you can write and post articles to. I thought that it could help in getting me writing more often, but I still haven’t come up with anything decent. I guess if I’m not able to come up with any regular content on here, I don’t think that there’s much chance anywhere else, but it was worth a try.

What really did it  was when I saw the categories that articles on vocal are put under. There’s a number of sections, including a section for video games, pop culture, even one for poetry and while I know I could write something related to the topics on the site I don’t know how anything I write about could fit in. I should mention here as well that vocal is one of those sites where you can earn money for the amount of clicks an article gets and while my reason for joining was in no way at all to do with that (it would most likely be crap money anyway, if you earn anything at all), I was still interested to see if I could learn or gain any particular skill or feedback from doing it.

I might still go back on there and give it another try, until then maybe I should try to concentrate on upping my blog game.

A Reminder

Today you may have woken up to the news you weren’t expecting.

Today you might well be thinking that the world isn’t as great as it was yesterday.

You might well be wishing that you could erase what has happened today from your memory. Indeed, you might want to erase the entire year so far from your memory.

And you’re probably feeling like….well….shit.

But no matter how awful things seem, and how you’re wishing that you were no longer living on this planet, it’s important to remember that there is still good in the world, that there is a glimmer of hope in even the deepest darkness and there are still things that are worth fighting for.

The awfulness will only win if we let it get to us.

Be excellent to each other.

30 Blogs of November: Day 1 – The Start of it.

So last weekend I decided that while other people were growing facial hair or writing novels (or both) in November, I was going to challenge myself to blog every day during the month. I actually thought it was a novel idea to do it during this month, until I remembered that this month also happens to be National Blog Posting Month (or NaBloPoMo for short). Heck I even posted about it last year, but I didn’t participate. Hey, there’s so many blog posts in my archive I can’t possibly recall everything I’ve written.

That said, I think something like this is a great idea, especially for those of us who think a 50,000 word novel would be a bit of a stretch for them over a month, as well as those who know it is. The beauty of blog posts is that they can be as short or as long as you like. And it doesn’t just have to be full of words either. Indeed, just posting an image on here can sometimes tell you more than a paragraph could ever tell you, I am rambling here aren’t I? Yes I am. Sorry. I was expecting this first post to come out better than this, but I am posting something…

The reason I am doing this, is to try to get into writing and generally creating stuff more often. I haven’t been posting as often lately, for a number of reasons and when I have been doing, it’s been more blogging for the sake of it rather than blogging because I really wanted to share something with the world. I know that there is a slight chance that this challenge I’m undertaking might still bring about a few “for the sake of it” type posts but at the same time I hope to regain the love I have for posting stuff and the thrill I get from writing about the stuff that interests me, the things I’ve experienced, or the stuff I’ve made up.  I’m going to try to vary the blog experience a bit too, by having the odd photo, or maybe even a  video post!

Anyway, that’s one post down, only another 29 to go. By the way, if you happen to have any suggestions for posts, should I get REALLY stuck or just want to answer the question “How’s my blogging?”  feel free to drop them in the comments or on my Twitter if you’re following. I will give you a shout out if you do either, promise.