Lockdown update

As of the 29th April, I’ve taken to writing a post by hand and posting a photo of it rather than typing it all out. Mainly out of pure laziness, but also because I don’t have my laptop at the moment. Here’s what I wrote:

In addition to the above:

I’ve started to crave Maltesers, Salt and Vinegar Square crisps, Haribo Starmix and Strawberry Hubba Bubba. Not together, obviously. Yes, I know I could go out and get them but I’m reserving my time out of the house for actual essentials.

I listened to the radio show of The Mighty Boosh on BBC Sounds. Now I’m wanting to watch the TV series again. Remind myself of the nights when BBC Three was actually on TV and I’d stay up to watch and admire this work of crazy genius (and, ahem, Noel Fielding. Well he was weirdly attractive).

I rate my mood out of five on most days as a two. Moving to a 3.5 later on in the day.

I need to get off twitter completely for a bit. Even reducing my amount of time checking it isn’t doing me much good.

Here ends the update. Hope you’re doing good.

Wouldn’t it be great if…

We were able to clone ourselves?
If we could pause real life like we can do a DVD, a song on your MP3 player or live TV with a Sky + box?
People stopped thinking that hiding behind a computer gives them the power to say whatever they want and bully whoever they want?
People didn’t play the music (if you can call it that) that’s on their iPods loudly on public transport?
The battery on your phone didn’t run out just as you need to make a very important text or tweet?
People started to remember the difference between “lose” and “loose” again?
“Casj” and “YOLO” were banned?


I’m just thinking, that’s all.

My week so far….

Has been a bit rubbish really. I won’t divulge all the details because I don’t like to write about my work life in here but let’s just say the two and a half week holiday I’m due to start in a couple of weeks cannot come soon enough in my opinion. I need the rest, part of me reckons I need a new job too but let’s not go there again.

I’m writing this because there has been a blog post that I’ve been really trying to write the last couple of weeks but the words haven’t been coming out as well as I wanted. It gets to the point that every now and again I end up putting any old rubbish in a post just to try and clear my head of those thoughts and focus on what I want to say. Doesn’t always work, but it helps to combat the bloggers’ block a little. 

Oh and I’ve changed my layout.