A new plan

Learn to drive.

Pass my test as soon as I can.

Hire or buy a camper van.

Pack my job in.

Go off on a trip around the country.

Document the whole experience.


One of these days, I will do this. Or at least half of it. Really.

Just looking.

This afternoon, in an attempt to be productive while on annual leave I looked at jobs and courses on the internet. I searched all across the areas that I was interested in, both the part time and full time, the permanent and the temporary, all in the hope that there would be something interesting that would stand out to me (and in the case of any courses, relatively cheap).

The more I looked the more I realised that any job that I was even remotely interested in was either (a) too far away or (b) wanted experience which I did not have. When I looked even more, I realised that there was nothing which I could potentially have the skills for that stood out to me at all. It was then that I wondered whether I really have any idea of what I want at all. I mean, I want to get out of my current job I know that, but what do I want to go to? And even once I know what I want, do I feel like I have a chance of getting it? The last couple of times I applied for something I thought I could get, I didn’t. The last job I applied for I didn’t get an interview. In fact I didn’t get anything bar an email from the employer acknowledging that they had received my application form. Have I stayed in my current position too long to be able to escape it?  Or should I just forget about all this because I’m on holiday and I should be blocking all thoughts of work out of my head?

I guess my mind is not in the right mode for this sort of thing right now.

30 Blogs of November: Day 12 – Insert interesting title here.

Hello. I don’t really have anything for you today but I am still blogging because I am determined to keep going to the end of the month, even if I do end up regretting it.

In the meantime, here’s a small photo of a shortbread biscuit in the shape of a teddy bear. I am eating one of these right now.



And here’s the new video for Lily Allen’s new song, which I could have written a long post on but the only things I could think to write about it was (a) she says “bitch” a lot, (b) there’ s a dig at Blurred Lines in it and (c) it’s clever and funny – and also makes a point about sexism in pop culture.

That’s it for tonight.


Brain Dump

Every now and again I write a blog post that doesn’t really have a subject, but is just a post where I offload all the things that have been on my mind over time. I usually do this when I’ve not blogged for a bit due to life getting in the way, or when I have a load of ideas for posts but find it difficult to put a good one together. Basically, it’s just an excuse for me to write a load of incoherent tripe in a bid to beat the curse of writers’ block.

The last week or so has been a bit crap for me to be honest. Things have happened that I am not entirely happy with and it’s has been a bit hard to engage with the blog, twitter and the like without wishing bad things on some of the internet’s more unpleasant inhabitants. I gave up on Facebook as I was getting tired of the bad spelling and trolling that I saw on its pages, not to mention the endless requests for Farmville and some other shitty games and apps. Oh, and the fact that Facebook Timeline is a big, steaming pile of manure. I’m not going to delete it, as there are still people on there I want to stay in touch with (I don’t have many friends on it, and the odd person I have on FB also has twitter, so not checking it every day isn’t much of a big deal).

I’ve tweeted less, but have probably browsed my timeline more often, trying to think of something to say that is actually worth putting on my profile. I don’t really like to post “emo” tweets, or see people use their twitter feed to tell the world how terrible their life is at the moment any more than I do those whose sole purpose on the site is to badmouth and insult everyone. However, sometimes you can’t help but get it out there, and then decide to shut up for a few days because you don’t want people to think you’re a completely miserable bastard and you’re scared of losing followers.

Ok, that’s enough on that. What else can I put here?

All that Samantha Brick business that the Twitter mob was once again all over made me despair. It wasn’t just the article that Brick wrote that raised my hackles though. Make no mistake, the woman is foolish, vain, deluded and not exactly an oil painting (though neither is she, in the words of twitter’s more classier residents, a f****** munter”). It was the fact that once again, people on a social media site were getting worked up over a piece that was first published in the Daily Mail. Don’t you get it Twitmobsters? The reason why the Fail is the most popular newspaper website is because people like you are publishing links to its articles and reacting to them. All the time you’re slagging off the paper and Brick you’re giving them the attention they crave – as well as giving the Mail more to back up their “Twitter and Facebook are evil” stance. There was an article in the paper the next day she’d written about the backlash against her, for goodness sake (probably prepared even before the original was published). They are the biggest trolls going, and they’re getting paid for it, so how about we all stop reading and feeding them and we can all get on with our lives? Because let’s face it, all that tweeting about the Bricks of the world really isn’t good for us.

In other news:

I am seriously considering getting an iPad.
I’d like to get into vlogging again (and do it properly, this time).

I am shit at Draw Something.

“Teenage Blood” by Tom Williams and The Boat is an excellent album.

I’ve been thinking about doing a postgraduate degree. And getting another job.
I think that’s it for the moment.

Random Ish.

I have had a pretty busy and stressful week this week. So busy in fact, that I have spent most of this weekend trying to recover from it.  It’s only a few moments ago that I realised “oh crap I haven’t done a blog for this week yet!”, so I suddenly got myself on here.

Thing is, it’s one of those times when I start a blog with no idea of what I’m going to write about. There are some things I could mention, like that bloody Friday song that has taken over the internet this week, but I think there’s been a lot said about that already. I did do my bit for the cause by accidentally donating £30 through three separate text messages as I didn’t receive any thank you texts for the first two thus thought they didn’t get them.  I’m not too bothered about that though. I could also talk about Comic Relief, but again, a lot has been said about that. I could say that I have finally got my proper broadband back after what seems like ages using a dongle, but that would be a bit of a boring post. And I would rather not use this space to whinge about work, however I would just like to say that I would not like to have a job in management after the week I have had.

So this entry is more about keeping the “post a week challenge” going. Bit shit really, isn’t it?