There is a competition at the moment where you can remix Keane’s current track Stop For A Minute on the site MusicMyne.  The most popular one as of  May 17th 2010 will win a signed copy of the band’s new EP Night Train and a Night Train T-shirt.

I myself have done a remix of it, partly because it seemed like fun and partly because I would very much like to win what they are offering. It’s on my Tumblr page if you want to have a listen to it (I am trying to put it up on here as well, but it’s not letting me at the time of typing).  If you like it, please tick the little “thumbs up” icon.  If you fancy having a go yourself, click here.

EDIT : I have the actual link to my remix here. The audio did tend to skip a bit when I was listening to it via this, but maybe it’s just exclusive to me. Anyway, you can hear it here too.

RE – EDIT:  I made another one. It is also on my Tumblr now.