Fired up

I got myself a tablet for Christmas. A Fire HD7. Since I got it I have done what I usually do with any new gadget like this the moment I get it- play around with it and download a whole load of apps. I had just downloaded the WordPress app a few moments before writing this. I got some of my music on it (mostly the stuff I’ve bought from Amazon). I’ve tested the camera on it (pretty good), surfed the web on it (again good) and I’ve even downloaded my first ebook (ukulele for Dummies. It was on offer, and thus a good reason to try and learn to play it again).

Not only that, I’ve downloaded the pocket edition of Minecraft. I got my nephew to show me how to use it. I favour the creative mode and the third person view so I can see where I’m going properly (plus I hate first person shooters). I’ve built a couple of houses and added a lot of pigs, cows and chickens. Plus the odd villager, creeper and
enderman. I’m getting better at it.