A story in pictures

File this under “blog posts that are purely for testing purposes and not to be taken seriously”.

Really, I have been trying to improve my blogging recently, in particular finally trying to master tweaking the layout of my blog to how I like. This blog post may be deleted later but in the meantime, have a laugh.

(Also if anyone from Barratt sweets happens to be reading this, if you want to send some Anglo Bubblys my way, I wouldn’t mind. (What? It’s worth a try)).


Hello this is a test.

This blog post comes courtesy of my new blackberry. I got it as an early birthday present to myself. I noticed that there was a wordpress app available for it so I thought I would try it out. Thus I apologise for any spelling mistakes on this post (I am still getting used to how this thing works).

There will be a proper blog post coming up this weekend by the way. As you were.

Actually would anyone mind commenting on this so that I know it’s on my blog please? Ta.