vlog on

A while ago (well, ages really) I wrote a blog on here about starting a vlog. I had been thinking about starting one, to use alongside this blog, but a lack of (a) time and (b) confidence meant that I didn’t get round to doing it.

Today, months on from my initial blog post, I recorded one.

Now don’t get too excited, there isn’t really much on it (which is one reason why I am not going to publish it on here). It was mainly a test post I recorded to see what it would look and sound like. I was using my netbook’s built in webcam to record it and while it isn’t probably the best quality vlog ever recorded it does prove that the webcam actually works (I haven’t used that particular function much since I bought it).  If I do make a regular thing of making vlogs, I will probably choose to record them on my Flip video camera. The webcam’s ok, but I did notice my computer making noises in the background, which while expected, isn’t really what you want to hear.

When I do actually have a proper vlog to show you I will link to my youtube channel.  I’ll even put it on here if you like.