Stupid Things You Never Thought Could Happen Until They Happen To You No.1

Hello and welcome to a new section on my blog called “Stupid Things That You Never Thought Could Happen Until They Happen To You”  ( a working title – I’m trying to think of something a bit snappier).  An occasional series in which I blog about something that has happened to me (or even someone else)  so mad that you never thought it could happen.  We open this series with something that happened to me just the other night:

I was sat on the sofa, watching the television while my nephew was sat at the table eating his dinner.  His dinner consisted of ham, cheese and salad, including a couple of cherry tomatoes. My nephew put his fork into one of the tomatoes. It exploded and sent a load of juice and pips flying.  What I didn’t expect was that most of the tomato guts ended up all over me!

Looking back, I do find it very funny although at the time I was pretty pissed off at the fact that I had orangey-yellow marks all over my shorts from where the pips had landed.

Have any stupid things that you thought could never happen ever happened to you?