The will of the people.

Last  night I was once again debating whether to carry on with this blog or allow it to drift away into cyberspace. I ended up asking Twitter to help with my decision, using the poll function and the result was 100% that I should keep going. Cheers to the five people who voted, by the […]

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It’s something that I am going to need a fair bit of this week. And probably some inspiration as well. I am back at work tomorrow after two weeks’ holiday (which I wish I had a bit longer of, as is always the case when you’ve been on leave for whatever reason). But it’s not […]

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Kazoos and Capitalism

I nearly thought that I was going to slip up on my one blog post a week challenge this week (click the badge to the right on this page to know more about it). For the first time since I started doing this, I was really struggling to come up with something to write about. […]

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Tweet To The Beat.

Those of you who follow my twitter feed will know that I tend to abuse the #nowplaying hashtag a lot.  I will post at least one tweet of a song I’m listening to every day, often including a link for people to listen to it on Spotify. In a moment of boredom, I thought it […]

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