There’s a heatwave over here at the moment and like many people, I can’t handle it. I mean, this is not the kind of weather we are used to getting. Even when we get over a week of it we’re not used to it. The longer it lasts, the more I want it to rain hard. No doubt this hot spell will end in a raging thunderstorm like it nearly always does (they’re already forecasting it). In the meantime, all we can do is keep hydrated, as cool as possible and avoid getting sunburn as best we can.

Oh and also resist the urge to hide out in a walk in freezer because that rarely ends well.


It was a four day weekend this weekend (or rather three and a half for me as I was working on Saturday morning).

As well as eating a load of chocolate, I helped my nephew build a hotel in Happy Home Designer, tried to play the Super Mario theme on the smart keyboard in Garageband  and did a hell of a lot of sleeping.  The clocks going forward really takes a lot out of you.

And now I am trying to find out if Truprint still make the envelopes you used to send the films in to them. I’ve got some 35mm films that need processing but I’m too busy/too scared to hand them in to my nearest Boots. They’ve been taken with a Lomography camera and I’m pretty certain I’ve taken some really crappy photos but I suppose I’m learning how to get used to film again.

Five years on.

Five years ago, before the last general election I wrote a blog post like this one. The night before this year’s one I found myself looking back on it and trying to see if anything had changed in my view since the last time I blogged on the subject. To be honest, there isn’t much difference between how I feel now and how I did back then. I am just as sick of all the press around it, the wall to wall TV coverage and the amount of junk mail I’ve received as before.  In fact I’m even more sick of the latter, especially coming from one particular party. Our Conservative candidate, for example thought it necessary to send the same leaflet three times. There was one each for me, my mum and my dad. Clearly they didn’t care about the resources they were wasting.

Last time round, I had yet to fill out my postal vote, still unsure as to which box to mark on the ballot paper, if to do it at all. This year, I have already filled it and posted it off. It still took me a long time to decide who to give my vote to, after marking off the ones that definitely wouldn’t get my vote. In the end, I went for the one that I thought would do the job best. I’m not going to tell you who I voted for, well not yet anyway. I don’t particularly like being asked how I voted when I’ve only just done it, I hate exit polls for that very reason. When the dust settles, I’ll probably tell you. For what it’s worth, I voted Liberal Democrat at the last election and yes I did end up regretting that a little. But don’t let anything I say influence your vote. At the end of the day, you should vote for the person you want, not the person that others are telling you to vote for. And if you don’t think much of any of them, then that’s cool. I still wish there was a “none of the above” option on the ballot paper myself. In fact I would introduce it if I were in any position of influence to be able to do so, for all those people who’d feel guilty if they didn’t vote.

Anyway, enough of the political rambling, I’m rubbish at it. Let the ones who can do their bit tomorrow and let’s all hope for the best shall we?