The First Post Of 2012

Bank holidays are such an anti-climax. There’s nowhere to go, the TV schedules are mostly full of crap and there’s hardly anything to do. So far I’ve spent the day raiding my selection boxes, listening to my iPod and trying to get a new profile picture for my twitter. I look pale, I’ve got dark marks under my eyes and I generally don’t look very attractive in the pictures. Not that it is my intention to but you want to have a half decent photo, don’t you? Part of me thinks I should have spent longer in bed than I did. It might have been a better use of my day.

As well as this, I have been looking at some of my blog posts over the last year. I’ve seen how I tried to write a post every week during 2011, then stopped when I realised that I probably didn’t have enough to keep me going throughout the whole 52 weeks.  There have been some good posts, others where I have just written any old rubbish, some of them from when I’ve been in a low mood and just want to moan. Apologies if you’ve read any of those.  Not to mention at least one blog post which got more hits than I have got for any post on my site, which had I known, I’d have posted on my wikinut page (it might have been cool to make a bit of money from my casual ramblings, even if it didn’t turn out to be much).

So what to expect for this year then? Well, after writing more posts in December than I have at any other time of year, I hope to carry on doing it. Maybe not 16, but I guess I can manage about 6 a month, maybe 10 at a push.  I have also resolved to keep a diary this year. When I say diary, I mean that I am going to try and fill every single page of it. I bought a nice day to a page one just before Christmas, and it would be a shame to waste it (I also got two week to view ones for Christmas, which will still be useful even if I can’t write loads of stuff in them). I really want to keep up with my writing, in one way or another. Maybe I’ll attempt Nanowrimo again later this year – or maybe not. I might start making videos again after my (extremely brief) attempt at vlogging. Again, maybe not.  I guess we’ll see what happens.


vlog on

A while ago (well, ages really) I wrote a blog on here about starting a vlog. I had been thinking about starting one, to use alongside this blog, but a lack of (a) time and (b) confidence meant that I didn’t get round to doing it.

Today, months on from my initial blog post, I recorded one.

Now don’t get too excited, there isn’t really much on it (which is one reason why I am not going to publish it on here). It was mainly a test post I recorded to see what it would look and sound like. I was using my netbook’s built in webcam to record it and while it isn’t probably the best quality vlog ever recorded it does prove that the webcam actually works (I haven’t used that particular function much since I bought it).  If I do make a regular thing of making vlogs, I will probably choose to record them on my Flip video camera. The webcam’s ok, but I did notice my computer making noises in the background, which while expected, isn’t really what you want to hear.

When I do actually have a proper vlog to show you I will link to my youtube channel.  I’ll even put it on here if you like.