Pigeon crap.

This morning I turned up to work to find a load of pigeons hovering above it. There’s often one or two sitting on the roof between my workplace and the takeaway next door, but this time there must have been at least eight of them.

They all landed on the ground as I went to open up. They started pecking at the floor. It was then I noticed that the ground around me was covered in breadcrumbs and that the person dropping them was in the flat above the takeaway.

Needless to say, I was pissed off.

Here was this individual, leaning out of their window, throwing huge wads of breadcrumbs to a bunch of feathered rats with wings. To do it anywhere would be stupid but YOU LIVE ABOVE A TAKEAWAY! YOU KNOW, A PLACE THAT SELLS FOOD! AND PIGEONS ARE A FUCKING HEALTH HAZARD! I’m sure the owners of the aforementioned establishment would rather you not encourage the little shitting machines to hang out at their place. I would also rather not have them around either, seeing as the last time someone attracted a bunch of them to there they made a nest in a hole in the takeaway’s shop sign and crapped everywhere. You’d come to work in the morning and the ground would be covered in pigeon shit as well as all over the padlock for the electric shutter panel. Yours truly had to unlock it nearly every day holding it with a tissue and sterilise it the moment I got inside. At the end of the day, you’d be closing up trying to avoid one of the little blighters dropping one on you (they dropped one on my hand as I was putting the shutters down twice. Another colleague just missed getting it in their eye).

I’m not a violent person by any means, but I see that person trying to feed the birds again I will tie them to the roof and let the flying vermin eat off them and shit all over them.

NaBloPoMo Day 19: Shoes

Today I had to buy another pair of shoes for work. I realised I needed one when I found the sole of one of my current pair was coming off just before I was about to put them on this morning. I’d only had them for about four months, you would think they would last a bit longer than that, but in recent months all the work shoes I’ve had have worn out within a year. In some cases I’ve been able to get them fixed – the pair I ended up wearing this morning had been repaired a few months ago (the pair I found wrecked this morning was bought to wear in place of them).

I know that I stand up a fair bit and do a lot of walking when I’m working, but you would expect the shoes to last longer (especially when you consider how much they cost). But then again, the way they go after a few months could be partly down to how my legs are at the moment. Due to the problem with my left knee, the muscles in that leg have weakened, and as that has weakened so my stronger right leg has probably taken a bit more of the weight. It’s the right shoe that’s been damaged most of the time, mainly the heel that’s worn away to the point of having to be reheeled or in extreme cases, binned. I’ve had physio sessions to strengthen the leg muscle but it’s going to take a while before it gets right. In the meantime, I either buy more shoes (which I actually hate doing), try and sit down more often at work (as if I can do that), or go for a job where I am not on my feet for huge chunks of the day. What’s the easiest I wonder?