Pigeon crap.

This morning I turned up to work to find a load of pigeons hovering above it. There’s often one or two sitting on the roof between my workplace and the takeaway next door, but this time there must have been at least eight of them. They all landed on the ground as I went to […]

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Work and life

My time off is almost over. I go  back to work on Tuesday and I am not exactly looking forward to it. Of course, I and many others say it all the time, but I am even less excited than usual. The last few days that I’ve been off have been pretty hectic and it […]

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I had to write this…

No matter how often I think that we live in a wonderful world, full of kind, decent people, something always comes along that reminds me that there are many heartless bastards walking among us. Today I got one of those reminders. In the morning, an old lady who is one of our regular customers  came […]

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