Pigeon crap.

This morning I turned up to work to find a load of pigeons hovering above it. There’s often one or two sitting on the roof between my workplace and the takeaway next door, but this time there must have been at least eight of them.

They all landed on the ground as I went to open up. They started pecking at the floor. It was then I noticed that the ground around me was covered in breadcrumbs and that the person dropping them was in the flat above the takeaway.

Needless to say, I was pissed off.

Here was this individual, leaning out of their window, throwing huge wads of breadcrumbs to a bunch of feathered rats with wings. To do it anywhere would be stupid but YOU LIVE ABOVE A TAKEAWAY! YOU KNOW, A PLACE THAT SELLS FOOD! AND PIGEONS ARE A FUCKING HEALTH HAZARD! I’m sure the owners of the aforementioned establishment would rather you not encourage the little shitting machines to hang out at their place. I would also rather not have them around either, seeing as the last time someone attracted a bunch of them to there they made a nest in a hole in the takeaway’s shop sign and crapped everywhere. You’d come to work in the morning and the ground would be covered in pigeon shit as well as all over the padlock for the electric shutter panel. Yours truly had to unlock it nearly every day holding it with a tissue and sterilise it the moment I got inside. At the end of the day, you’d be closing up trying to avoid one of the little blighters dropping one on you (they dropped one on my hand as I was putting the shutters down twice. Another colleague just missed getting it in their eye).

I’m not a violent person by any means, but I see that person trying to feed the birds again I will tie them to the roof and let the flying vermin eat off them and shit all over them.

Work and life

My time off is almost over. I go  back to work on Tuesday and I am not exactly looking forward to it. Of course, I and many others say it all the time, but I am even less excited than usual. The last few days that I’ve been off have been pretty hectic and it has got me thinking  again about certain things. The two weeks I’ve been off has a whole has made me realise just how much time I spend in my workplace and how much I need to be able to switch off from it as much as possible. I had the opportunity to forget about it while I’ve been on holiday, of course, but I think I need more time away from this job of mine.

I would like to change jobs, but I don’t think I’d be able to find one and get it so quickly, given this current climate. The other option is for me to reduce my hours, but every time I so much as hint at this certain people get on my back about it. They do have a point – my job isn’t the highest paid and going away from full time but mean less money.  But if a particular job wears you down that much, you’d be happy taking less hours if you weren’t able to pack said job in altogether? It’s all about striking a balance and holidays aside, I don’t feel like I get a good balance at any other time.

Ideally, I would love to be able to earn money through writing, however I don’t think my ramblings would earn a hell of a lot. Cutting my hours would mean that I could focus on this as well as have a bit more time to support my family. I guess the only way going part-time at work could really work for me is if I did earn something from stuff I’d written. Yet I would only have the time to really write anything that I could get money from if I went part-time at work.

And at this point, I am getting really really confused by it all. As I am sure you are, dear reader.

The main point is, that at some point I am probably going to have to make some sort of decision as to where my future lies. Do I carry on doing something that often tires me and drags me down, do it less so it doesn’t get me down or just throw in the towel completely? If the latter, then where can I go? I know there should be a few opportunities for someone with my qualifications and work experience, but what is available? I know I couldn’t sustain a decent income through writing alone, well  probably not for a long time.

I guess I could do with some career advice.

I bet I get a ton of spam comments on this post.

The Customer Ain’t Always Right…

Over the last week, I have come into contact with a lot of rude, bad-tempered and obnoxious people.

It all started last Friday, when it seemed like every other person who came into my workplace had a firework stuck up their backside. You try to help them, and they’re immediately off with you. No please, no thank you. You are respectful and polite, they look at you as if they’ve just scraped you off their shoe.

Usually, I can cope with people’s bad attitudes, even if it does annoy me that I have to continue being polite to someone even when they’re shouting obscenities.  But last week I found myself nearly losing it altogether, thanks to some thoroughly pleasant individual threatening me down the phone.

This person was annoyed that we could only supply her with half of her prescription, despite us telling her carer that the other part hadn’t come over from the surgery yet (he refused to listen to us).  She was aggressive and intimidating from the moment I picked up the phone.  I wasn’t even involved in the first instance, but she didn’t care. She was looking for someone to bully and I was the perfect person. This charming individual  had a history of being rude to us – I’d dealt with her before and had been able to hold my own, but on this occasion, she got to me. I passed the phone over to a colleague – I didn’t want to give the customer the satisfaction of knowing that she had upset me. Eventually, my colleague managed to reach a compromise with the customer – but not before the customer slipped in another threat of blackmail.

The whole experience was worse because it was all done down the phone. I know the woman’s voice and name, but I have never actually met her. As horrible as it is to be confronted by people like that  in the workplace, it is to an extent,  easier to do something about the situation. The fact that you wouldn’t really know them if you walked past them in the street makes the situation scarier and harder to deal with.  To cut a long story short,  she didn’t totally get away with her behaviour.  In the meantime, I personally don’t want to have to deal with her ever again – although her prescriptions will probably keep on coming over to us. All we can hope for is that she takes her business elsewhere.

I had to write this…

No matter how often I think that we live in a wonderful world, full of kind, decent people, something always comes along that reminds me that there are many heartless bastards walking among us.

Today I got one of those reminders.

In the morning, an old lady who is one of our regular customers  came into my work to get something. Ten minutes later, she came back in saying that she’d lost her purse and asked us  if she’d left it there. We hadn’t seen it, but we said we would let her know if anyone handed it in to us.

When I came back from lunch, my boss had found a purse that had been pushed through our letterbox. It was the old lady’s.  My boss and I were so glad it had turned up and we contacted her straight away. We talked about how good, kind and honest the individual who found it was, how they had restored our faith in humanity. That faith was quickly crushed again when the customer came to collect it, to find that the money she had in her purse – all £300 of it- had gone. This lady is due to go into hospital for an organ transplant and the time her purse went missing, she was heading to the post office to pay all her bills and her rent before she goes for her operation. I felt sick, but most of all I felt angry.

I’d like to think that the person who pushed it through our letter box was not the same person who helped themselves to this poor lady’s cash. After all, if you’re honest enough to hand it in, surely you’re not dishonest enough to steal from it? We’ll probably never know where it was found, who found it or how it went missing. What we do know however, is that the person who did this is one of the biggest scumbags walking this planet right now – if not the biggest.  I’m not normally the type to wish bad things on people, but I hope that the good time that he/she will undoubtedly aim to have as a result of finding this lady’s money turns into their worst time ever. Most of all, I hope they rot in hell.