New things

Recently new things have happened. I’m in a new house (rented, temporarily, while ours gets sorted out). I am a new age (it was my birthday the other day. Guess how old I am). I’ve been trying out new things and been considering options that I hadn’t really thought about until now. I’ve been seriously […]

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You know how it is, you come on here with the intention of writing something and you end up just changing your blog’s theme instead.  Really, I did want to post something on here today but I couldn’t come up with anything, which is pretty much the case here these days. It’s not that I […]

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I bought another notebook the other week.  I like notebooks, I have written about my liking of them before on here (I think it’s on this one anyway, go search for it). I must have loads of them at home, from various stages of my life, all full or half filled with stuff. Why do […]

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