A blog full of videos

Hello. I haven’t posted on here for a few weeks, mainly as I haven’t had anything “blog worthy” to put on here. I still don’t, but I don’t want to go too long without posting anything on here, so I thought that I would use this entry to share some of the videos that I have liked on YouTube recently. I will be back with something better soon. In the meantime, hope you like some of the ones I’ve picked.

A song that I have fallen back in love with:


A song from my new favourite album:


A very funny rap about tea:


After watching the documentary Britain Beware the other week I ended up looking up the old British public information films again. I remember these ones:

And one I don’t really remember:

Sorry to leave it on a downbeat note.


Who Wants A Laugh?

Here is my first proper attempt at vlogging. Watch as I (badly)  attempt to talk about the end of The News Of The World and Cher Lloyd’s Swagger Jagger (they were the first things I could think of ) in between trying to keep my Flip video camera upright. Be amused by my awkwardness and excuse my editing technique (I haven’t used Windows Movie Maker in ages).

I suppose I can only improve, right?

vlog on

A while ago (well, ages really) I wrote a blog on here about starting a vlog. I had been thinking about starting one, to use alongside this blog, but a lack of (a) time and (b) confidence meant that I didn’t get round to doing it.

Today, months on from my initial blog post, I recorded one.

Now don’t get too excited, there isn’t really much on it (which is one reason why I am not going to publish it on here). It was mainly a test post I recorded to see what it would look and sound like. I was using my netbook’s built in webcam to record it and while it isn’t probably the best quality vlog ever recorded it does prove that the webcam actually works (I haven’t used that particular function much since I bought it).  If I do make a regular thing of making vlogs, I will probably choose to record them on my Flip video camera. The webcam’s ok, but I did notice my computer making noises in the background, which while expected, isn’t really what you want to hear.

When I do actually have a proper vlog to show you I will link to my youtube channel.  I’ll even put it on here if you like.

YouTube vs the PRS – A Music Fan’s View

I’d like to start this blog entry by saying a big “well done” to the bosses of YouTube. They’ve just blocked access to music videos on its British site, thus isolating the 95% of British users who don’t want to watch the effects of Mentos in bottles of Pepsi or need to see Robert Webb’s hilarious Flashdance parody for the 550th time.

For those who’ve been living on a desert island over the last few days, YouTube are currently locked in a dispute with the Performing Rights Society (PRS), the body that represents musicians and songwriters. YouTube had a deal with the PRS, in which YouTube paid royalties every time a music video was watched on its site. In negotiating a new deal YouTube’s bosses claimed that the PRS were demanding too much money from them, while the PRS said that YouTube’s offer was substantially less than what they were paying before. In any case, it seems like the big corporations are once again holding the little people to ransom, refusing to budge until they get their way.

For those of us who like to listen to music online, this is a blow. When you consider that there are very few decent music shows on terrestrial  TV these days (with the exception of Later and Channel Four’s late night 4Music output) and the music radio and TV stations seem to play the same ten songs all day, the internet is often the only option British music fans have. YouTube gives people the chance to watch music videos when they want to as often as they like. Their current actions are limiting people’s choices, not to mention limiting the amount of exposure an artist can get.

MSN have been quick to jump on the situation by advertising the selection of music videos available on its own site.  This would be fine were it not for the fact that MSN video is crap. The one occasion I tried to watch something on it, I was forced to install a plug in as I was using Firefox and not their beloved Internet Explorer. The plug in wouldn’t install properly and the only part of the video I saw was the annoying advert that came on before it.

YouTube’s bosses may feel as though they have the upper hand at the moment, but they are surely on course for a massive public humiliation the longer they continue their ridiculous stance. With the head of UK Music Feargal Sharkey already condemning them as bully-boys, chances are that it won’t be too long before other music industry figures, including many artists, are speaking out against them. In the meantime, I’m considering boycotting YouTube for as long as this goes on. If the visitor figures for the British site suddenly dropped,  they’d soon get the message.