A blog full of videos

Hello. I haven’t posted on here for a few weeks, mainly as I haven’t had anything “blog worthy” to put on here. I still don’t, but I don’t want to go too long without posting anything on here, so I thought that I would use this entry to share some of the videos that I […]

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Who Wants A Laugh?

Here is my first proper attempt at vlogging. Watch as I (badly)  attempt to talk about the end of The News Of The World and Cher Lloyd’s Swagger Jagger (they were the first things I could think of ) in between trying to keep my Flip video camera upright. Be amused by my awkwardness and […]

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vlog on

A while ago (well, ages really) I wrote a blog on here about starting a vlog. I had been thinking about starting one, to use alongside this blog, but a lack of (a) time and (b) confidence meant that I didn’t get round to doing it. Today, months on from my initial blog post, I […]

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